Christmas consumerism

You know, that whole Black Friday thing…

I don’t really participate. Oh sure, I’ll read the stuff that comes in the mail, stuff that says “70 inch flat screen TV for only $50 but only between midnight and 12:15 am!” and there will be a brief  “HEY THAT’S A REAL BARGAIN!!” and then common sense kicks in and I think  “I have no place for a 70 inch tv and I hate crowds anyway and what kind of message does it send to my kid if I am willing to get in a fight with 4 other people to get the last one at 12:05 and I am (hopefully) asleep at midnight.” Oh who am I kidding, I don’t think any of those things. What I really think is “huh…ok” then I turn the page and the the whole thing starts over again only with $20 chainsaws.

I never really have participated in all that.  Christmas gifts are more thought out than “I’ll get Mamaw whatever small appliance I can get for less than $20 at 2am on Black Friday.”  More likely a gift will be whatever candy I was successful enough in making that it won’t pull out her fillings…or not, if I’m pissed at her this year, then I’m totally going for the fillings.

Not really.  I try VERY hard not to be vindictive at Christmas. I might be passive-aggressive, or even deliberately forgetful, or apparently hasty (Oh..I forgot Mamaw! I’ll get her a can of nuts. She likes nuts, right?”) but never intentionally harmful to fillings.

Ebay has become the retailer of choice these days. You can find things whilst wearing your bathrobe. They can be things that wouldn’t be found in a store, or things for far, far less than they’d be priced in a store. Oh sure, you have to think far enough ahead to allow for shipping time, and sometimes be able to track the bidding closely so as to get in that last bid at the last second because you are NOT going to pay $40 for an Omar Bradley G.I. Joe if you absolutely don’t have to, but that’s half the fun of it- outbidding someone in Ohio who wants it just as badly as you do.

Also- first edition books. Ebay is a great source for those and let me tell you we are all about the books around here.  I keep my eyes open for first edition Ian Fleming, but as yet cannot find them for less than the price of a month’s mortgage, and I am not really ready to go there yet.

I guess I am as consumerist as the next person, but feel all superior and stuff because I don’t camp outside Best Buy for hours in order to get A Deal.

We are attempting (again) to make Christmas less about The Stuff and more about The Fun of Family.  The best Christmases in my memory are ones where the gifts were goofy gag ones, the rubber armadillos and Elvis mugs, or the enormous fake raven, or bright red suspenders, where we sat around afterwards laughing and stuffing our faces with junk food and started in with the hard cider before noon.  No Appliances Involved.

I spend as much (or even more) time planning the food for Christmas Day as I do any other part of it. We do snacks and junk that day. Christmas Eve sees a fine meal- roast beast and yorkshire pudding and gravy and roasted brussels sprouts and that sort of thing. Christmas Day, tho…totally about the cheeseball and the hot tiny sausages in the crockpot and an obligatory carrot stick.

I work within a tight budget for the gifts, and it’s fun to see exactly what I can get for each person within those parameters.  Big Lots is a great place to start. Every year they have these enormous plastic guitars filled with popcorn for $5. They have them every year,and we have postulated that they are the same ones, every year.

Ok, so what started out as a self-ritioes  rightious righteous commentary on how much better I am that the people who line up and get into fisticuffs over electronics has turned into a description of my own version of consumerism, which is obviously superior in every way to anyone else’s version.

I sound just like my father, who, after a rant about other people’s lack of open mindedness, received this statement from Terry:

“Are you really open minded, or are your rigid opinions just different from the people you consider close minded?”

Am I really non-consumer/materialistic? Or does my materialism just run in a different direction from the people I consider materialists?


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One Response to Christmas consumerism

  1. jerseechik says:

    Happily, ‘Crazy Sale Flyers’ day is also garbage day here. I don’t even read ’em- just transfer ’em from the mailbox to the outgoing trash.
    This year, in spite of anxiety over the USPS’ bankrupcy, we’re sending gift certificates to out-of-town relatives. Amazingly, the 4 necessary varieties (of certificates, not of in-laws) were all available at Kroger. So I picked up a beef roast whilst I was at it.
    ‘Merica, ya’ll.

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