What’s up with them darn kids, anyway?

This is an update on the life and times of the Toot Family, mainly the kids but maybe a bit on the parents (I almost said ‘adults’ but apparently 3 of the kids qualify so I can’t say that anymore.)

Ok let’s see.

Kid the First, Will, who will be 25 in mid-January. He moved out, has a roommate he apparently isn’t getting along too well with but likes the roommate’s dog very much.  Still working at the theater, and as far as I know, still in school.  Healthy, alive, and came over for supper last night. Ok, all is well there. He needs a haircut.

Kid the Second,  David, who will be 23 in 3 days.  He’s still living here, in school, and speaking German all the time. He’s as loud and obnoxious as ever, but since he’s been that way since the 2nd day after he was born, we’re used to it. I believe he is studying some form of engineering, but it’s hard to keep track. He sold his car and bought a fancy bike that requires as much tender care as a Swedish supermodel. But that’s ok, it’s still cheaper than gas and a parking permit at the school. All is well there, too.

Kid the Third, CJ, is 21 and moved to another state, and is living with my parents currently, while he looks for a Real Job (currently he is a veterinarian’s assistant, and says “cleaning chihuahua peckers all day is killing me slowly inside.”).  He has signed on the with local volunteer fire department and goes on calls about twice a day. Since the veterinarian he works for has a house in the county built almost entirely of fat lighter, he has no problem with CJ leaving work. He is looking really hard at training to be a professional firefighter, as he has always had a bit of the Hero in him, and knows he looks good in the uniform. He is also thinking about going to Auburn University to get a degree in mechanical engineering, but that’s a year away, at least.

Kid the Fourth, #4, is in the 8th grade and is 13 years old. He didn’t make the basketball team this year, and is taking the disappointment with dignity and grace.  He is also in the process of growing inches every day, and never really stops eating. “I am never full, Mom, but sometimes I just get tired of eating.”  He has outgrown the Legos, so we are trying to figure out what to do with them until there’s a grandkid old enough to enjoy them. Rubbermaid tubs, attic.  He and Terry spend weekend evenings together in the Mancave, watching James Bond and fantasizing about being suave like that. He is trying to define his own “style”. Currently it means plaid flannel shirts, loose jeans with suspenders, and Wellington boots. I like it, because I can’t see his underwear.

Terry…oh my..the things that are happening. When I am free to talk about them (as in, when they become public news anyway), I will. Work has been one 7 year long soap opera and the climax is fixing to happen soon.  I’ll tell you when I can.  There have been hysterics and hand-flapping in abundance.

As for me…what’s to say? Not much.   Except that I am trying for the first time to make caramels from scratch. I love caramels, and if they turn out they’ll make a nice Christmas gift.


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One Response to What’s up with them darn kids, anyway?

  1. have the t-shirt says:

    Thanks for the update…it’s hard to keep up with everyone!


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