An Attitude of gratitude

Facebook has had this thing going where every day people would post something they’re grateful for.  I haven’t participated, mainly because…well….I think it’s kind of cheesy.  I am not a very sentimental person (much to Terry’s discomfiture), and I go through my list of gratitudes and such every night before bed, and again in the morning right as I wake up. Usually it goes something like this:

“Dear Lord, thank You for another day/night without a massive disaster.”  Because honestly, that’s how I feel about it.

Just now, Terry called from work (yes, he’s at work on Thanksgiving.  Dear Lord, thank You for Terry’s continued employment.) and said his truck overheated. Maybe a hose leak. And parts houses are closed today. And David has to drive my car to Alabama to deliver something really important to a testing lab.

Thank You, Lord, for Terry’s ability to diagnose a problem with the car, and know how to fix it, so we don’t have to call anyone on a holiday and spend all the money set aside for Christmas on a tow and a fix.

My family is scattered, and there will be only 3 of us here today. I am ok with that. We have plans for Saturday noon, when everyone is available and even CJ might drive over from Alabama for the day.

Thank You, Lord, that my grown children are showing responsibility, and living their lives, and dealing with their problems and issues in an adult and responsible manner.

I am often frustrated with the yard. We have 40-something pine trees in it, all about 80 feet tall, and all dropping pine cones, usually waiting until the day after the last load was dropped, thus our yard never looks really pretty. Pine trees are…ugly. They drop limbs, pine cones, and balls of sticky sap, and are brittle and break in a high wind and are tall enough that they are constantly being struck by lightning and die. They make too much shade to be able to garden effectively and they also make the soil really acidic which makes it hard to grow some things.

Dear Lord, thank You that we can have a yard and a house.  Thank You for your constant provision, and please keep me mindful of that so I won’t take it for granted, and so that I am always willing to share.

Also…coffee, silly dogs, a cat that yells at me, bacon and eggs, family and friends, Ace wrist braces, KitchenAid stand mixers, and blackberries (the fruit, not the phone).


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3 Responses to An Attitude of gratitude

  1. Sorry you couldn’t all be together for Thanksgiving but I love how thankful you are for your family. Family is everything and yours sounds pretty great.

    And, bacon and eggs are good things to be thankful for too! Yum.

    Stop by, I’m having a Christmas Giveaway!

    xo jj

  2. Bella Rum says:

    We didn’t have our kids on Thanksgiving either… not until Friday night, but they stayed for the weekend and it was the best kind of fun. I don’t care what day they arrive anymore as long as I get to see them. Not that I wouldn’t prefer to always have them on the actual holiday, but I’ve cultivated flexibility. Know what I mean?

    My brother always says about our adult kids, “We don’t have to support them, and that’s something to be grateful for.” I agree with that one… but bacon? Now that there is something to be grateful for.

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