It’s just one of the many services I like to provide.

There’s always the things I could start on now, while the laundry is churning and since I’ve already had breakfast. The windowsills are dusty. So are the electronics and since some (likely male,who statistically speaking doesn’t consider these things, or maybe he did and in a cave-man patriarchal way thought of it as his contribution toward keeping the li’l lady busy at home) person had the genius idea that an electric static generating devise should naturally be black, those are dusty as well. O for the days of old, when electronics were housed in lovely wooden cabinets, that looked like furniture, instead of glossy black that only goes well with 1980’s lacquer furniture.

But why DO it when I can sit here with a (yet another) cup of coffee, and a cat in my lap which makes me turn a little sideways to type and will probably result in all sorts of issues requiring physical therapy or something.  I’d much rather complain about it.

I have, however, happily gotten several things done so far (9:41 am at this moment). The aformentioned   afformentioned previously mentioned laundry is going. That’s a nice sound, and I only had to whack the washing machine once to get it to click and turn on.  The kitchen is relatively clean. The counters are, anyway.  What it really needs is a solid emptying of all the cabinets and a healthy wash down of everything. A Spring Cleaning type thing. I missed doing it last Spring, as I was pretty busy doing very important things…I don’t remember what but they must have been really important, for me to miss out on such a heinous chore lovely and fulfilling … thing.  Now it really needs doing, but Spring is right around the corner so I might wait until then.  Maybe if I can dazzle them with all my fabulous cooking they won’t notice the coffee grounds under the sink. I hear coffee grounds are odor absorbing, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

And I can write motivational messages in the dust on the TV stand.  Call it my little ministry to the world.


Also…if my house is  not perfect then I am building the self esteem of everyone who visits, because they can say “whew…my house isn’t the worst place there is…after all, if SHE can have company without shame (did you SEE THOSE COFFEE GROUNDS?) then surely I can!”

I have done, however, necessary things. The menus for the next 2 weeks are made, and the accompanying grocery list.  Terry is working a short day today, so he’s going to the store with me. I like having company for the trip…sometimes. I also like going alone…sometimes. Normally the routine is to drop #4 at school at 8 am, then to Panera for a cup of hazelnut coffee, which I carry into the grocery store (I wish they  put cup holders on the buggy!) and take it slow and easy. Rushing through is not fun. Things get forgotten. In the mornings I frequently run into friends who have the same idea (it’s not crowded at 8 am) and have a chat.  The nice thing about a chat in the grocery store is that we can look into each others buggies and make suggestions.  She will say “Oh, what are you doing with (this and that)?” and I’ll tell her and she’ll answer with “Oh I make that but I like to add (something I haven’t thought of)” and there I am with a whole new idea.

Anyway, we might or might not have company for Thanksgiving. It might or might not be my parents, and if it is, they are used to my substandard housecleaning and the dog smell.  If nobody comes, that’s fine, we’ll have lots of leftovers.  I will make an effort. Piles will be reduced and the windowsills washed.  The vacuum cleaner will see the light of day as will a mop and some good smelling cleaning stuff.  And bleach.  The bathroom (possibly even a plurality of bathrooms) will be cleaned enough that there isn’t toothpaste on the sink and the funky aroma is altered to smell more like lemons or something.  Maybe funky lemons, one can only do so much with a bathroom aroma, even with bleach, when one has a dog that sneaks in there and tries to use the toilet but bless his heart he’s too short to reach the bowl so he just pees on the side of it. I try to catch it, and try to keep the door shut, but that doesn’t always happen.

See what I’m up against?

This is why I am sitting here, writing about it, instead of actually DOING something about it.


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3 Responses to It’s just one of the many services I like to provide.

  1. jerseechik says:

    Excellent managers take lots of time to think all the way through a task, and make complete plans. That’s what you are doing, and you should be paid twice as much to do it!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’m with you on the black electronics. Yesterday, I picked up a little, inexpensive CD Player/Radio for this room, and it’s shiny black. Of course, it looks fine right now because it just came out of the box. Soon I’ll be able to leave messages on it. I view it as second cousin to crop art. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Rootie. I know your kitchen will smell so good that no one will ever notice the coffee grounds.

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