Early to rise

so, last night I got a spur-of-the-moment invitation to dinner. Terry was eating with some coworkers, and at the last minute said “Hey, they want you to come too!” which was great because they were eating at this new place in town called 40 East Grill, a fancypants restaurant half a block down from the courthouse. I’d heard good things about it so was happy for the invite. NOT only THAT…I was the only woman in the group and that made me VERY happy, because I could converse about football and dogs and guns without any fear of reprisal from another woman for being either unladylike or somethingsomething…

Anyway, while waiting on the rest of the group (7 others) I ordered a drink, to loosen up a little. (I am very stiff and stuffy normally) and it was my usual very dry Tanqueray martini,3 olives. Which they brought out in a pint sized glass and I was like…woah, that’s huge. Then proceeded to drink the whole thing, which made me hungry. I am totally doing a separate write up for the dinner-a restaurant review of sorts. Being in a group full of men meant that I could ask each one of them for their opinion of their meal and know I’d get an honest one. Said one, “It was a bacon cheeseburger. Bacon, cheese, and beef. Of course it was good.”

My point…ok it’s coming.

So I had this ginormous martini and it was delicious. It also made me fall HARD asleep, which meant I woke up at 1 am, and that was irritating, because stuff started rolling around in my head like it does at 1 am and I began questioning every single decision I’d ever made in my entire life and got nervous and paranoid and had Billy Joel songs running through my head. So, I forced myself to think of other things. I sang Henry Purcell songs, and imagined myself in some other situation somewhere else in the world. I worked out exactly the best way to get #4’s kilt on him next week. I deconstructed the rosemary couscous Terry had with his meal. More  Purcell. An attempt at Handel and a bit of Bach.  Also, I figured out what I’d do with $1million,or $100K, or $10K, or $10.

Then 3 am rolled around and I fell back asleep and had a dream that I was a Jewish nanny in NYC, I had a massive head of curly dark hair and 2 children in my charge. During the evenings I moonlighted as a New Age Motivational Speaker complete with beeswax candles and a guy with a set of bongo drums in the background.  I woke up from that at 4 am and felt briefly empowered.


Terry was also awake at 4,and we pondered getting up and going to buy groceries. We would, we reasoned, be back in time to get #4 up and ready for school.  Then we mutually groaned at our apparent idea of what was “spontaneous”.  I remembered that the timer on the coffee maker had not been reset with the time change, so it thought it was 5, and the coffee would be ready.  And we got up. 4 am.


I blame the martini.


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5 Responses to Early to rise

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    “During the evenings I moonlighted as a New Age Motivational Speaker complete with beeswax candles and a guy with a set of bongo drums in the background. ”


  2. Elizabeth says:

    You do make me smile.

  3. I think your weird dreams are rubbing off on me. I had a doozy last night. Something about getting spirits out of a field in a small town near here, and having to shoot a guy out of a ceiling because he was stuck. I was like a cross between the ghost whisperer and one of those nomadic gunmen who roamed the country righting wrongs for the townsfolk in a western lol

  4. Bella Rum says:

    I do that thing with the money. What would I do if I suddenly had a million or so? I could definitely spend it.

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