All set!

Ok,so #1 Son is all moved out, and the room is EMPTY. We are taking (ok that is a figurative “WE”…let’s say *I*, and add Terry as a good man who understands my desire for a pretty room and is indulging me with the whole “let’s refinish the floor, since the room is empty!” excitement.) our (my) time and doing this whole thing RIGHT.

We have reached a stage in life where there is No More Compromising. Call me a snob, say I have turned in to a Picky Precious Princess. Say what you like, but it’s true.  No more throwing a handy rug over the worn spot on the floor. We’re going to REFINISH that rascal and make the floor pretty. I don’t like rugs anyway. They’re fine on other people’s floors and can be quite lovely, but I really love the way wood looks, and a big ol’ stretch of clean finished oak is very pleasing to my eye.  Rugs make me feel claustrophobic and cluttery.

Also, pretty curtains. Not something from Kmart,either. I have some antique lace tablecloths that are far too small for our ridiculously large dining table. They will make lovely valances, because just like rugs, I’m not fond of curtains. I want light. Sunshine. Lace will soften the light without blocking it.  And will look good with the Shaker style furniture Terry built, and the antique Edwardian rocking chair.

This is FUN! I am actually decorating a room the way I want it, without any regard to the masculine sensibilities of anyone else in the house!  Pink (very pale and rosy, the color is called “Quartz Pink) walls,  a few burgundy accents (my desk top, and an afghan that stays folded over the back of the rocking chair), and lots of pictures- photographs, Victorian prints, cigar box labels, embroidered things- all with roses in them. I love roses.

After this…the tiny room that currently serves as my sewing room will be turned into the guest room. It is just big enough for a bed, dresser, and chair.  It will get a healthy dose of spackle, a fresh coat of paint in a pale blue, and I am on the lookout for the perfect bedspread in a cream or white.  The dresser is antique, and I want to hang a quilt rod above the bed, and put an old (I have several) quilt on it to hang down kind of like a headboard.  An old chair with a slipcover…and maybe a few Instant Ancestors on the wall.  Who knows, there’s time to think about it.

Change like this makes me happy. I can control it.

Oh and Phleud the Wandering Cat…the one we see only very occasionally…when I staggered downstairs for the morning cup of coffee…he was in the laundry basket in the kitchen (my laundry is in the kitchen…it’s not pretty but it’s darned convenient), looking like he owned the place. “Mow.” said he. “Well hello thar!” said I. “Murf”  he replied. Then he went back to sleep. Ok then. He’s looking mighty healthy, which is nice. A little later, after the dogs got up, I heard him push out the pet door and leave. No telling when we’ll see him again.


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