Sing for Joy!

A few months ago, someone in our church died. In her will, she left some money to the church, with the stipulation that it be used to hire a music director and start a REAL music program. Until then, we’d used volunteer pianists and the occasional teenager soloist. No choir, nothing so organized.  Which was ok, in our small congregation, we just sang a whole bunch of hymns, breaking into parts now and then and the occasional a capella  verse.  However, the woman who died didn’t like this, and we’d kind of always wanted an organized music program but never had the money.

So, LucyAnn was hired. She is a very crisp and businesslike woman with no qualms about throwing us all into the deep end right away. Handel and Purcell are on the agenda. Bits and pieces form The Messiah coming up for Christmas.  Some of us don’t even read music! (I do,and am also familiar with The Messiah, having sung it several times over the years, but the younger high school and college aged people are not)

I love to sing. I’ve done it all my life. Voice lessons started when I was in 7th grade, and continued we moved in the Summer before my senior year of High School. I sang in every chorus and choir and group I could find. Alto, that’s my place. My voice is kind of low but I can hit the high notes in a pinch if I’ve eaten an Altoid recently.  Also tenor, in a pinch, same with the Altoid.

So now we have a church choir. Practices are Wednesday evening and I am wondering if anyone is going to show up in a costume. There are a couple of people- one of the basses in particular, that I wouldn’t put it past them.

I love to sing,and loudly too. What I will NOT do , is sing a solo or a duet. All that attention, everyone looking at me and what if I mess up?! No, that isn’t happening. Not without some serious bribery.  I don’t know where the confidence has gone. 25 years ago I would sing a solo at the drop of a hat, and always had a couple of pieces ready to go.  Now, I leave that for the younger generation, the confident ones who haven’t yet had 47 years of insecurity and issues pounding on their heads.

I remember mowing the lawn once, when the kids were very young, bellowing out various hymns so I could hear myself over the noise of the mower. Terry was amused, because he could hear it to..I was embarrassed, because that mean the neighbors probably could also hear.  I sang all the time when the kids were babies, it kept me company and felt useful.

Anyway, now I’m back in a choir. Now I get to really sing a couple of times a week, and I like that.


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3 Responses to Sing for Joy!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I envy people who can sing and enjoy singing. I mouth words, not daring to subject anyone with what passes for a tune coming out of my mouth. Enjoy!

  2. xena says:

    I love to sing too. I’m not a Xtian, but I’ve gone to church with Xtian friends, just to have an excuse to sing some awesome gospel music. 🙂

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