Well whatayaknow pt 2

Ok this is going to be FUN!

We met with the designer yesterday. His name is CJ Bryant and he does all sorts of things,not just wedding dresses, but that’s what he won Best New Designer for at a show in Charleston.  He is working on a web page so when that’s up I’ll post a link to it. What’s funny is that the stuff he wants us to make is COMPLETELY different from the stuff he had in the show.

Bless his heart. He’s a young fellow, just starting out, and I really think Peaches and I can be a big help for him.  He has some great ideas but needed a little bit of guidance on materials and laces and construction technique.  However, he’s a smart fellow, caught on quick, and I think he will do VERY well in the future.

His dress ideas are…well… beautiful and very unique…not the typical Satin-sequins-make-the-bride-look-like-a-tart/cupcake sort of thing.  He wants to make them from cotton sateen, with fine vintage cotton laces and tulles.  He is looking to appeal to a non-typical bride who wants an heirloom quality dress, which is where Peaches comes in with her sewing and embellishment expertise. I will do the construction of the main part of the dress, and she makes it unique and beautiful.

When we started with the discussions, I threw out there that I would NOT work with charmeuse or chiffon. Then when he pulled out his drawings, I noticed on the notes that he was considering charmeuse for one of them. When we began discussing the construction materials, he said “well, I was thinking charmeuse but I guess I’ll revise that.” I apologized, then that working with that stuff was something you had to do all the time to be good at it, and I did not, so would be uncomfortable with risking his investment in the fabric with my potential screw ups. We then agreed that it would be really pretty out of a cotton sateen.   Colors were discussed, Peaches was pushing for ecru, he stuck to his guns (Proud of him!!) for white.

We also discussed production work, and since he is leaning hard toward couture pieces rather than production work, we are both happy. If he wanted production, he’s wind up with cheaper materials and assembly-line type clothing.  Peaches didn’t want her stuff being made into that, and I was not thrilled about the idea of churning out dress after dress…BORING. BUT, he said no,he wants his stuff to be known for quality, and to be the kind of a thing a bride would want handed down. With the proper materials, a well made dress will last for generations.  His styles are also the type of thing that could be handed down, as they are not ‘trendy’ at all.

So, we are going to get started on this quite soon!

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3 Responses to Well whatayaknow pt 2

  1. xena says:

    Good for you, Rootie. Dreaming about money is always good. Elephants carrying bags of money? That’s gotta be an indication that you’ve found your calling. 🙂

    Maybe you could still get some practice working with charmeuse and chiffon, outside of the bridal gown project, where there wouldn’t be as much at stake? Maybe blouses and cocktail dresses to start, and then you could work with Mr. Bryant in those fabrics when you have more experience making clothing for yourself and your friends?

    • rootietoot says:

      Well, I am working for him more for the fun of it, and to give an aspiring designer a good start…not really for the money, tho I won’t do it for free either because that would set a bad precedent. However, I am not willing to do something I don’t enjoy, because I am precious that way.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    This very exciting.

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