well whatayaknow

So, this whole sewing thing…I’ve been doing a lot of it, including some work for a friend who does couture stuff. There are certain aspects she dislikes enough that she contracts it out to me, because I’ll do most anything except sewing with chiffon. Or charmeuse. Ok occasionally charmeuse but only for BIG amounts of money.

Anyway…she was contacted by an award winning wedding designer (Best New SomethingSomething Somewhere) who wants to contract to her to do some stuff, because what she does is the type of stuff he wants done…only what she does is children’s wear and what he wants is adults wear and she doesn’t do adults…but I do. So…she and I are going to meet with him about doing couture wedding dresses.  I don’t do embellishments, but she does, so as a team we can do what he’s wanting. AND his designs are completely different from all the stuff you see these days, but still very lovely and wedding-y, but completely different…

How about them apples?

I am not naming names until we’ve met with him and a decision is made.  However, I’ve seen the stuff from his shows and the drawings he sent to us, and it’s pretty stuff. What’s funny is that one of his designs is…my wedding dress. The one I designed based on a photograph from the 1920’s, and Mom and I made.  His has more embellishments, but it’s the same slim fitting tea length dress with shoulder flanges and a dagged lace hem.  I am chuckling to myself and trying to decide if I am going to tell him that, or let him go on thinking it’s a brand new original idea. Or maybe he’ll say outright that he got the idea from a 1920’s photograph. who knows. we’ll see.

The whole thing amuses me. I don’t need the income, and am picky enough about what I do that I might just say no thanks. On the other hand, it might be fun to have something I’ve made on a fashion runway.

He’s going to be coming here Saturday to meet with us. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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4 Responses to well whatayaknow

  1. Bella Rum says:

    This is exciting. I’ll be thinking about this on Saturday. Look at you! No, really. Look at you.

  2. Steve says:

    good luck

  3. jerseechik says:

    I hope the 20’s revival next spring brings you exactly as much business at you want, and that it’s FUN.

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