Bits and pieces

I saw The Good Dr H on Monday.  He, being a medication minimalist, said he wants to give the new stuff another 6 weeks or so before deciding if the dose needs to be increased.  I am ok with that. Brain stuff ain’t aspirin, it takes a while to show signs of working and it has only been 2 weeks. I am feeling a bit better.

CJ (21) is moving to Alabama next weekend.  My parents have a largish bit out in the country(about 35 acres) with a trailer hookup spot. He and Dad are making plans to build a small house there. He will live with them and stink up their guest room for a few months, until that house is built, and also look for work. There is a lot of industry in the area, and Dad knows basically everyone, so we are not concerned that he won’t find a job. With his skills, anything from changing oil at a Pro-Lube to maintenance on heavy equipment and factory stuff is open to him. He is also looking really hard at taking courses in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical stuff at the local Vo-Tech school there.  I will miss him but knowing where he is and who he’s with helps with that a lot.  A while back he made noises about going to Alaska and looking for work on a pipeline. That did not please me at all.

Terry took #4 to school this morning. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if he did this every Friday. He will get a bagful of chicken biscuits from Uncle Shug’s, which means I don’t have to cook breakfast (not that I mind cooking it, but a break is nice) and he’ll get catfish from The Red Barn for lunch, and #4 gets pizza for lunch, so no fixing those either! In fact, it means I can sit here in my bathrobe pretty much as long as I want!

Chili for supper. It isn’t officially cold enough for chili, but I am not a patient woman and will at least pretend that it is. Chili on Fritos, people. That’s how it’s done.  I’ll put the recipe up on Rootie’s Kitchen maybe tomorrow.

and now I am HONGRY (which is Southern for nearly ravenous). I made the mistake of taking some time this morning to peruse Foodgawker looking for soup recipes.  Also, supper last night was rare sirloin, sliced thin and served on top of chunky mashed potatoes with a creamy gorgonzola sauce and a side of sauteed spinach and now I want more. At a restaurant, not home or I’d totally have that up on RK as well. I am going to find a good recipe for the sauce and make it for my family because dangum it was delicious.

The top on my convertible is misbehaving…talk about First World Problems. Terry said it sounded funny a while back so he thinks it might be low on hydraulic fluid and will see if he can’t fix it himself.  Naturally, the warranty expired 4000 miles ago. We both think cars are rigged with AutoDestruct 5000 miles after the warranty expiration thing.  Not being able to put the top down right now isn’t as tragic as, say, being a single mother with 3 young kids and no car…or a case of Ebola virus…in fact it doesn’t really even qualify as mildly irritating…but it is a (ok not sad…let’s call it…about as bad as wanting to make clam chowder and there’s no cream)…well ok I don’t know a mild enough perjorative. But I do wish I could put the top down on these cool early Fall days.

At least I can open the windows.


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4 Responses to Bits and pieces

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    mmmmmm frito pie

  2. jerseechik says:

    WHY didn’t you put “NSFW” (Not Safe For Women) on the Foodgawker link? Instant addiction! Wantwantwantwantwant!

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