Making stuff!

Terry got ahold of some spare money the other day (which in itself is awesome- who doesn’t love a bit of spare money?) and spent it on Woodworking Supplies…mainly, LUMBER.

Lumber to him is as fabric to me. So I know how he feels. I love being able to walk into the sewing room, with a mind to make something, and being able to look on the shelf and go “hm…skirt or  blouse? Red or white?” and having the option.

Now he can do that! He can look in his storage shed and go “hm…box or cabinet? hickory or walnut? dovetails or mortise-and-tenon?”  He  can look at the weather map and see that the weekend will be clear and sunny and not too hot, and sit down with the morning coffee and draw up plans for a cabinet.

He found this great place in Pooler (near Savannah) that carries fancy wood in both boards and plywood. He talked to the owner about what he likes to make, and the owner said “Great! Most people don’t like shorts (that’s shorter boards and smaller pieces) or highly figured stuff, so I’ll set it aside for you!” and then he brought home this AMAZING piece of walnut (a dark brown wood) that looks every bit like a piece of agate. Gorgeous. He’s going to set it aside and come up with Just The Right Thing for it.  Also a bunch of hickory and a big piece of hickory plywood that looks like a work of art.  Seriously, I think you could brush on some varnish and hang it on the wall just as it is.

Do I sound silly for getting excited about wood? Probably, but it won’t be the first time.

You see, I am a Form Follows Function type. I like pretty things,but not for the sake of pretty things. If there is a tchotchke on the shelf, it has to have more purpose than just being a thing on the shelf. It needs to be a vase that’s interesting. Or a candleholder. Or something that was a gift from a child, or a memory from long ago.

So yes, I like pretty things and to me, wood is a very pretty thing.  It’s natural, and it’s beauty is inherent, not contrived.  Terry feels the same way,and looks for pieces that are interesting. They may be harder to work with than the smooth grained boring old white-bread stuff, but he has the patience and sense of artistry to make the most of it.  I am anxious to see what will come of this stack of lumber. Oak for a Mission chair, hickory and knotty pine for cabinets and tables, and that amazing piece of walnut, for who-know-what-but-it-will-be-spectacular.




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4 Responses to Making stuff!

  1. jerseechik says:

    I’m guessing hickory is lighter than walnut…
    What did the owner mean by “highly figured stuff”?
    Why is there a Youtube advertisement at the bottom of your post?
    I’m glad he’s got a free weekend to work with it as well as a great supply guy.

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Whereas I just spent an hour in the Halloween store pining over the bubble fog machine.

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