I’ve started several posts, and quit. Too whiny, too self absorbed, too…something.  So, I am going to make a list…of things I can see from my chair, going clockwise.

At 12 o’clock-the screen on the computer…duh.

1:00 Daisy in her dogbed,shredding something cardboard. Most likely a toilet paper tube.

2:00 Evidence of someone (likelyDaisy) having eviscerated a dog toy. Fluff everywhere.

3:00 Terry’s chair and a laundry basket full of socks. I think I might have given up on any sort of sock sorting endeavor.

4:00 a pair of shoes, neatly tucked into the corner of the living room, they have been there a while and I don’t know why.

5:00 that’s nearly behind me. There is a doorway there, going from the living room into the foyer (we say Foy-yer, not Foy-yay)

6:00 right behind me, the back of the chair

7:00 the other corner of the living room, with a basket theoretically holding dog toys, but not really.

8:00 a lamp on a table that also takes up 9:00

9:00 table and an open window looking on to the front porch, which is looking like The Addams Family front porch with a proliferation of spiders and a couple of mud dauber nests.

10:00 A chair and a window

11:00 The left side of the bookcase that takes up the entire wall of the living room. It has on it some candles, books, a few pillows, photographs, the TV,some clocks, and assorted collectible tchotchkes.

There, the view from the recliner.

Also, dinner tonight: pork chops smothered in onions and ro-tel tomatoes,  brown rice, and a green salad with carrots. How exciting!


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