Phleud’s back!

For some mysterious reason, Phleud,our male Siamese cat who decided we were unworthy as a household, has returned.

He stands in the front porch window, looking either hopeful or belligerent (it’s hard to tell on a cat) until someone opens the front door. Then he stands in the doorway, letting all the cool air out, until someone picks him up and brings him in. He might purr. He allows whoever brings him in to hold him for a few minutes,probably because being held is preferable to having his arse sniffed by ThatDamnDog. Then he announces that he’s hungry and requires food.

He stares pointedly at the box of canned food.

When a can is opened, he’ll act as happy as an irascible male cat can, that is, he yells at whoever opened the can until it’s put in a place where he can eat it, undisturbed by ThatDamnDog. Usually on the pool table in the game room. (it’s covered so it’s not as if he’s getting cat food on the flannel)

Then he’ll take a nap most of the day, maybe come out a couple of times and bully ThatDamnDog or question the wisdom of having dogs eat all.

Then, in the evening, he’ll push through the pet door and disappear for the night.

I really need to get him to the vet for his annual shots, but the reliability of him actually being available the day of the appointments is sketchy, and keeping him in the game room or house when he doesn’t want to be there is an invitation for him to pee all over everything, which is his response to being forced to be where he doesn’t want to be.

Anyway, he seems to have decided that perhaps we are not as unworthy of a family as he once assumed. Or maybe his Other Family got a dog.


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6 Responses to Phleud’s back!

  1. Or all the available females are already pregnant.

    Pin a little note to his collar saying This is our cat Phlued, where the hell is he going every day- see if you get a note back.

  2. Jo says:

    I’m glad to hear he’s returned, even on a part-time basis. I understand your dilemma getting him to the vet. Too bad there isn’t a walk-in vet clinic (i.e. no appointment needed).

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