The trip to the grocery store…oy vey.  It was Big Groceries, too, a whole buggy full. I was nearly checked out, maybe 5 items left, and…the cash register computers died. All of them.  The cashier said “uh boy…last time this happened it was 3 hours. You might want to just unpack your bags (I use cloth totes for myriad reasons) and reshop later.” So that’s what I did. And it has been discombobulating, because all day yesterday I would set out to do something and think “Oh yeah! I have (this thing I bought this morning) and can do this!” only I didn’t.  Even supper turned into Default Dinner due to confusion about what I had and what I didn’t.  So I am going to try again this morning. If it happens again, I’ll go to a different store.

Ok, this morning Terry and I were sitting there, having coffee, and he recalled an event of 20 years ago that was hilarious then and still is today.

The characters:

Will, age 4


The dog (I don’t even remember which one)

The setting: In the living room of our house in South Alabama. The dog is asleep, Terry and Will are just muddling around.

Will: “I am going to go piss in the dog’s ear.”

Terry: “um…..what do you mean?”

Will: “You know, go up to her and go ‘psssst’ in her ear.”

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahhahahaa

  2. I called my mom and read that to her. She cracked the hell up too.

    psssst *just snorts with laughter*

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