Blame it on the hurricane

Isaac isn’t anywhere near us. It’s way over there approaching the Mississippi delta (good grief and they aren’t fully recovered from Katrina yet, bless their hearts.)

And yet, my arthritis…it’s like…some kind of psychosomatic thing. I hear “hurricane” and go to aching. If we lived where we used to live in South Alabama, I could see it. When Opal and Alphonse (or whatever it’s name was) rolled over us I was (even at the tender age of early 30’s) pretty much incapacitated for a few days. Motrin, heating pads, frozen lasagna and a telescoping stick with which to smack the kids so I didn’t have to move (also, soft slippers to throw at them. My aim is wicked accurate). The boys were early elementary age back then and required swift justice.

But here? We don’t get them much here. Either they hit land way south or further north. But just mention it and suddenly the hands and feet, wrists and ankles, and that @%&*! left shoulder all commence to sounding like Yosemite Sam on a bender.

Feel sorry for me yet? You should.

I have Things To DO!  However, y’know what? I am going to do them anyway. Shit’s gonna hurt, whether I am sitting in my comfortable recliner watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, or ambling through the grocery store, picking up Velveeta and jalapenos for Terry’s football party on Thursday.  It will get done.

With complaining. Oh yes, you can betcher sweet bippy I am going to be vociferous in my complaints, and even milk it all a bit for getting work out of people. Why SHOULD I have to do all this stuff (which I am normally quite capable and even cheerfully willing to do) when there are several able-bodied males who eat the food and use the laundry (once in a while, when they run completely out of clothes) who can do it for me?

This morning is Grocery Day, with a merry trip to the store and a trunk full (you know, a Beetle’s trunk is much larger than you’d think. It’s just the opening that is ridiculously small) of provisions.  I am HOPING that someone will be awake and functional when I get home, and can carry everything in.  I love it when that happens.

(Pardon while I pause briefly to bellow at the 13 year old,who is half an hour late getting downstairs to do his morning chores, which aren’t as onerous as usual because someone forgot to run the dishwasher last night. I swear you’d think he had to shovel the barn and milk the cows, with all this stalling he does. His morning chores are: feed the dogs, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher…which he doesn’t have to do this morning. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.)

So, in the interest of being cheerful and Suzy Sunshine, here are some cute pictures of my animals.

This has been submitted to This is Daisy, our standard dachshund.

Our 1 yr old wirehaired dachshund- Rusty

Lacy, also submitted to Dogshaming. Do not lecture me about not taking her outside. She has a pet door and can come and go. She only pees on the floor after she barks at me and I don’t scratch her head. Like when I am in the shower or have my hands full of bread dough.

Daisy and Lily

Gracie, up high where Rusty can’t get to her. She comes down when she wants to smack him,otherwise, she spends a good deal of time up there.











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2 Responses to Blame it on the hurricane

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I have a friend who gets horrible headaches every time we have a storm. Something to do with the barometric pressure. Love the pics.

  2. prttynpnk says:

    Can you really shame a dachsie? They just do what they do. Great pics…

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