I am doing 11 loads of laundry today. 6 of them belong to CJ, and are covered with industrial grease. He is paying me to do it. O yes, he is.

In the washing of all this laundry, I have learned that my older children’s method of dealing with dirty socks is to simply buy new ones when they run out of clean socks. My OCD requires me to mate up all the socks and throw away the ones that don’t have mates.  Seriously, unmated socks make me jittery. So far I have mated 14 pair of socks. I am doing 1 entire load (and we have a large capacity front-loading washer) that is ONLY socks.  And,they never buy the same type twice, so matching them up isn’t as easy as just matching them up.  When they were kids I bought all the same type, and just threw them in a big basket for them to get a pair when they needed them. However, as I have gotten older, the need to match them has become overwhelming, and it Must Be Done.

Since I am being paid ($60, or $10 a load) to do all this, I don’t mind. Normally I mind. Normally doing laundry is something I abhor, especially the folding and ironing part. I haven’t actually ironed more than just the absolute minimum in a couple of years. However, being paid…is…

Isn’t it funny how receiving concrete compensation for something, even something you don’t enjoy, makes it so much easier to do!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I see doing laundry and cleaning and cooking as part of my responsibility as a homemaker (housewife, whatever), and in exchange I get a comfortable house, food, and shopping privileges. It’s an exchange, and a fair one.

But a little extra, some holding money, that I can put in the kitty for Special Occasions…that’s really nice.

A Laundry Tip:

Save the greasy stuff for next-to-last. Then make the last load a bunch of old towels or maybe the dog bed, and throw in some washing soda with it. That will get any residual grease out of the tub.

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One Response to Laundry!

  1. Glad you are getting paid for it! I wrote a laundry story today too. Must be a Monday thing. 😉

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