The cat is doing much better.

Yesterday morning she starting coughing, big hacking wet coughs…I worried briefly then looked down at her food bowl and saw that she was finally eating (she hadn’t eaten since Wednesday, and when you’re a 6 pound cat not eating for 5 days isn’t good). She was also yelling at me, also a good sign since she hadn’t yelled since Wednesday.  I decided that she was doing like we do- all that crap that was making her sick was breaking loose and coming up.  This morning, she yelled even more, and without the hoarseness or hacking of yesterday. She’s also more active. Yay! She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. I am glad she’s better.  I feel silly worrying about a cat.

She also smacked the dog- another very good sign.


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6 Responses to The cat is doing much better.

  1. Jo says:

    Good to hear she’s on the mend. Sounds like she’ll be improving from here on in. And you shouldn’t feel silly for worrying about your cat. What is the point of having pets if you don’t allow yourself to be attached to them? And with that attachment come emotions, naturally.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Whew! This is excellent news. When I saw that first sentence about the coughing, I thought that was a good sign. It always sounds like the lungs are coming up though. The fussing is always a good sign, too.

    • rootietoot says:

      re fussing- especially with Gracie. She’s an entitled Supermodel of a cat. And yes, I thought she was going to bring up a lung there for a few hours. I know the feeling.

  3. xena says:

    It’s nice to see you and your kitty are well. I haven’t been around much this past month, due to Epic Technology Fail. My dilapidated old desktop is all but held together with duct tape these days. Kinda like this mangled robot:

    It’s not silly to be attached to your pets. I cry over random Sad Kitties on the internet sometimes. I’m not sure why this vid got me so weepy. Hormones or something.

    Take good care of her. Some animals aren’t lucky enough to have good friends to care for them.

  4. xena says:

    Bah. I forgot your site embeds our youtube clips. Those 2 don’t quite work together. Shoulda posted them seperately. 😕

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