bits and pieces

the cat is still acting puny. She didn’t even eat the can of food I bought for her yesterday. I am taking her to the vet today, because the only sleep I got last night involved dreams of her being dead, or being perfectly healthy, and she is neither.

School open house was last night. It went well. He has all the same teachers save one- the new English/drama teacher, who came out of retirement, so she is experienced. She is also built like a Las Vegas showgirl, all legs and boobs.  I talked with her a bit and she seems to have a handle on the inherent disorganization of 8th grade boys, and requires them to use a spiral bound notebook for their work, and they are not allowed to tear out the pages. Maybe this will help with #4’s disorganization and tendency to stuff papers in the textbooks instead of putting them in the ring binder.

I am tired. The vet office opens at 8:30. Maybe a shower first will help.

#4 and I are supposed to go school shopping today. Clothes, shoes for cross-country, and assorted school supplies. He won’t need new ring binders, tho, he can use last year’s, since he didn’t use them last year.

Also, I need to write a contract for him. We had issues last year with him not doing projects for his classes. This year, we have decided that the first time he misses a deadline on a project, he is out of  sports for that semester. He loves the sports. He is not a natural athlete, but he loves them and I think they are good for him. The contract will outline that, and he will sign it, frame it, and hang it over his desk. He will also not be allowed on the computer, except for project research purposes, Monday-Friday. A failing grade on a progress report will mean no computer(not even on weekends) until the grade is brought to a passing. “No computer”  includes video games. I figure if we outline all this now, there will be no surprises if he slacks off or screws up, and all I have to do is point to the contract if he protests.

Terry talked to him last night about work ethic, and how the habits he develops now will determine how well he does in high school and college.


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4 Responses to bits and pieces

  1. Jo says:

    I’m sure your kitty is all right. Likely it’s something basic, like a furball she can’t get rid of. That can put cats off their food. Best wishes for the vet visit.

    • rootietoot says:

      Thanks, Jo. She has a fever, and the vet says most likely she has the flu and a mild respiratory infection. He’s keeping her today and putting her on something for the fever and infection. It will have to run it’s course. Fortunately it is unlikely that it’s anything horrible. He did gently fuss at me for not getting her vaccinations beyond rabies, so once she’s over the bug, that will happen. (hangs head in shame…)

  2. jerseechik says:

    I know it’s important for our boys to learn a good work ethic, but I hope your contract will outline rewards as well as consequences. I wouldn’t be very motivated if my husband glued the bills to my debit card…

    • rootietoot says:

      You know, we didn’t think about that. Thank you! I will discuss it with Terry. Probably something for good grades and turning things in early? Or keeping an excellent notebook.

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