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I’ve started and not finished several posts the past couple of days.   Something will get written but out of frustration or (somethingsomething) will get discarded because “too personal” or “too controversial” or “too political” or some such self-editing nonsense.  The risk of conflict, or hurting someones feelings, or pissing someone off is too much to face.

and I hate that about myself.

Why can’t I not give a flying rip about what other people think?

I have opinions! Really! There are things happening in the news that anger me!  I see things happening to others that are unjust and wrong and need to be addressed, but…

what if I’m wrong? What if my opinions are…I don’t know…misguided or uninformed or otherwise flawed, in those ways that I occasionally see opinions and shake my head? What then?

Ok so, in the interest of brevity or being concise or something, I am going to make a list, perhaps with a brief explanation, maybe not. We’ll see how this goes.

  • White supremacists suck.  Really,  supremacists of any stripe suck. How a person (or group of people) can consider themselves superior by virtue of an accident of birth is beyond me. White supremacists are the ones  I am most familiar with because those are the ones I see the most. So angry, how can a person (or group) survive with any sense of peace when they are so angry all the time?  I don’t get it, and I am sad for them, but mostly I want to stay far, far away from them.
  • I think there should be term limits for all politicians. Congress should have an 8 year limit (and 8 years only, not 8 years, then take off a few years, then 8 more years) just like the President. Career politicians lose touch with the reality of Real Life, and giving them term limits would force  them to get a real job.
  • You see all these statistics showing how much mor eincome a person can earn with a college education. Ok that’s nice, so since a person with more income can pay more in taxes over time, how about making state educations cheaper? Sure, we can make it maybe more difficult to get IN to college,because really not every person is meant for University, but once they’re there, make it AFFORDABLE so they won’t graduate with a crushing debt, and they can pay it off with those higher taxes they pay because they earn more. While we’re at it, let’s encourage Vocational/Technical training more.  Our culture has been so busy telling everyone that they should go to college that we’ve run short of trained tradespeople like mechanics and welders and plumbers and such.  A country actually runs on it’s trade, not on it’s MBAs and Art History Professors.
  • It would appear that perhaps the super low-cut pants are finally leaving. Thank goodness. I am tired of seeing size 12’s trying to pretend they’re size 8’s and squeezing out the top of their pants and also tired of knowing that some young woman absolutely had to have shaved her privates or there’d be hair hanging out of the top of her waistband  hipband. I never could understand how some of those people kept their pants up.  and I don’t like seeing butt-cleavage. Call me old school, but that’s what I think.

What sort of miracle is keeping those pants from just sliding right off? Why even bother wearing them at all?


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3 Responses to Cranky Old Lady Stuff

  1. jerseechik says:

    I really like the term limit for politicians. And, if we could just convince universities not to waste money on hiring ex-politicians for speeches after their terms are over, the politicians might be successfully re-planted into the Real World.

    Butt cleavage (for either gender) should require a tramp stamp that says “Available for Irresponsible, Diseased Sex” or “Happy to be Objectified” or something.

    • rootietoot says:

      Maybe politicians should be required to go into the service industry for 4 years after they serve. waiting tables in a Ruby Tuesday’s would give them some real perspective…oh I KNOW! They should be required to work in a service job for 4 years, and live off that income ONLY…BEFORE they are allowed to run for office! That would teach them how to budget, AND let them know what it feels like to pinch pennies!

    • rootietoot says:

      When I see butt cleavage, I have an almost uncontrollable urge to drop something down it. I have been known to drop pencils down the boys’ butts when they do that.

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