On becoming a style icon…or something.

I got another skirt put together yesterday. I have now made so many of these skirts I can do it in my sleep, which is kind of nice.

You see, clothes and I have always had something of a…well, not a very good relationship. I was raised with the philosophy of “less is more”. Growing up, I had a small dresser, and was only allowed enough clothes that could fit into it, plus 2 or 3 dresses to hang in the closet.  Since my closet was the default Storage Closet, there wasn’t much room in it.  I also had 2 or 3 pair of shoes.  Mom tried to let me have more, but Dad would veto that, by asking “doesn’t she already have a skirt (or church shoes, or a white shirt).

That philosophy stuck with me all through adulthood. why would I need more than one pair of jeans, or one white shirt, or one skirt?

Then one day, not that long ago, it occurred to me that…maybe…it would be ok if…I had…(REALLY?!) more than one skirt. Or one pair of jeans, or one white shirt. And, it’s ok to have…y’know…NICE ones.

Not only that, I don’t have to SHARE my CLOSET with ANYONE and not only that if I need a bigger dresser TERRY WILL BUILD ONE.

So all Summer long I’ve been making skirts. All sorts of skirts out of a pattern I love that fits well and looks good. It’s an 8 panel skirt that buttons up the front and I can make it long out of something lightweight or short out of something sturdier or mid-length out of a classic seersucker. I can use pretty sunflower shaped metal buttons or plain wooden buttons or navy blue buttons the same color as the cloth or WHATEVER I WANT and there’s no Dad there to say “are you sure that’s practical? Why do you want more than one? Those buttons are a little  unusual,why do you want to attract attention to yourself like that?”

AND…I bought lovely soft lawn fabric (a very thin and fine cotton that is amazing in this Southern heat) in a variety of ladylike prints (I never wear prints. They scare me.) to make blouses go with the various colors of skirts. I HAVE OUTFITS.  WITH PRINTS. Prints really are pretty, aren’t they…

I never have outfits. Normally I buy the most neutral things possible, mix-and-matchable, because when you only have 1 or 2 skirts and 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of khakis, you have to make sure everything goes with everything else. And if all you wear is demin and a white shirt, no one ever accuses you of always wearing the same thing because they don’t even notice what you’re wearing.

But now I have OUTFITS. The blue skirt with the sunflower shaped metal buttons had a lovely print lawn blouse with small flowers in it the same shape as the buttons on the skirt.  The navy blue skirt has another lawn blouse (I love that stuff! It’s like wearing nothing only you’re not wearing nothing!) with a bit of navy in the print. On the sewing table is still another lawn print, totally different from the other 2, with several colors that will not only go with the 2 aformentioned skirts, but also 2 more in the plans, including a RED one. I never wear red! It’s scary! I hear my father’s voice when he said “Why are you wearing that color? You’ll attract attention to yourself. Why do you want to do that?”  He said that the first time I wore a hot pink shirt I’d bought with babysitting money.(I was 13) It was a plain styled button up shirt, very conservative, only VERY bright pink. I loved it until he said that.  When I told Terry that story (he has asked why I don’t wear more bright colors), he was appalled and immediately went out and bought the brightest turquoise dress I’d ever seen…which I loved and wore for years.  Since then he has always encouraged me to wear strong colors,  and every now and then I will, when I’m feeling very brave.

So, now there are 8 skirts (WOT!? EIGHT?!) hanging in the closet, and 2 of them are WHITE! 4 of them are BLUE! And a SEERSUCKER one! There is fabric for a RED ONE and a GREEN ONE and a KHAKI ONE, and before you know it there will be options all over the place!

So self indulgent.


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8 Responses to On becoming a style icon…or something.

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    My dad learned (upon dating my mother) that a man has no opinion on a woman’s clothes..or hair. None that she cared to hear at any rate and if he wanted to continue dating her, his opinion had better be ” you look very nice”. He’d offer opinions on my clothes only if he found them to be too tight/low cut for a teen girl and since I didn’t really wear clothes like that he never said much. Well, other than the popular skin tight jeans and then he’d usually frown. A look from my mom usually prevented any comment, because teen girls are self conscious enough without their fathers chiming in. My mother has always held the opinion that teenagers dress weird and do their hair weird and that’s their limited form of expression, and thats what being a teen is FOR because you can’t do it when you’re an adult out in the working world. And if she was the one responsible for the bulk of childcare and getting us to the store to buy clothes, then she had final say. If he didn’t like that he was free to spend his saturday taking us to the store and doing the clothes shopping.

    • rootietoot says:

      You had a good mom. Mine would try, but her sense of style was stuck firmly in the 1950’s and it was the 1970’s. Dad is a forceful person with no sense of tact or of what teenage girls really needed to hear. I heard “It’s a good thing you’re smart because you’ll never be pretty.”

      • pheenobarbidoll says:

        Uh yeah…those would have been the last words my dad ever spoke. She’d have yanked his tongue out.

  2. Steve says:

    are you sewing tactical vests yet?

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, that childhood voice. It takes a long time to stop listening to it.

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