Bits and pieces

..I don’t really have the attention span to write anything sensible, so this is what you’re going to get.


  • Thunder! Wind! But no rain so far. We could use some rain. The rivers are very low.
  • I put together 24 red capes and 2 PURPLEDAMMIT (that’s the name of the color. You’d have to see it to believe it, but it was free so I’m not complaining.) capes for the kindergarten Vacation Bible School class at our church. Not as tedious as it sounds- they’re just half circles cut out of fabric with ties sewn on at the neck. No hemming, none-a that. The red ones are for the kidlets, and the purple ones are for the teachers. Thus fulfills my obligation to help with VBS.
  • It is supposed to be Hot the next couple of weeks. Terry is working inside a good bit, and the plant tends toward 120F and 100% humidity this time of year, so he requested light suppers, that are cold and stuff like that.  My Gourmet Connection was recommended by a friend and they have lots of lovely sandwich and salad recipes. Menus for the next 2 weeks come from there.
  • For some reason the cat has decided I am worthy of her attention again. After 2 weeks of ignoring me entirely, she has spent the last 2 days either in my lap, or yelling  at me because I was standing up and she couldn’t get in my lap. Even now I am typing uncomfortably sideways because she is hogging my lap. As a Siamese, she has larger-than average entitlement issues. Daisy is next to me in the chair, and Grace (cat) is using her as a pillow.
  • The song names on the Spa channel on TV are amusing. They reference nature almost universally- wind, rain, oceans, or some planetary thing like Venus. Also? Lots of whale sounds as if those are beautiful or something. I’m not a fan of whale sounds. The song currently playing is called Cameron Wind and I can hear the wind sounds mimicked by a flute, but there’s also whale-ish sounds and an unhappy violin and some guy committing random acts of drum bonkery.  Most of the time the music is  pretty relaxing, tho.
  • CJ (20) and I went gun shopping today. He wants to get into making custom stocks, and is looking at cheap guns to practice on. We looked at stock blanks (chunks of wood the right size) yesterday. English walnut is my pick. Gorgeous gorgeous stuff. and $300 a chunk. He is going to start with pine blanks ($5 a chunk) and learn the craft. Terry has all the hand tools.  I let him know that when he gets the english walnut, he could use the scraps to make lovely new grips for my Colt pistol.
  • The clouds must be getting fractious. The Dish network just went out. Thus the Fairy Whale music. And there’s some nice close thunder! aaaaand…There’s the rain! Yay!
  • Time to go make the pita for supper.

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