What’s up, eh?

So apparently, according to my stats (which I never pay much attention to but the thingy in the corner looked weird so I checked them) there were 4225 visits here yesterday. What? A normal day is about 50. Also according to the same stats, an even 400 of them came from Canada.  Eh?  Apparently there is some way I can check where exactly they came from but I don’t know how to do that.  Canadians who come here, did one of you link me to something? Inquiring minds want to know.

Bur still…4200 up from 50?  I can only assume it’s a glitch in accounting, and not a sudden upswing in popularity, which I would totally NOT know what to do with.

In other news…everything seems to be ok. A blogging friend lives near the fires in Colorado, and has all her stuff packed and ready to throw in the car.  Prayers, Atilla, for your safety.  I wish I could help!

I’m driving 500 miles every other day, making a delivery to a testing lab, and I have learned from this endeavor that LaughUSA on Sirius Radio repeats itself too often. Surely there’s more funny stuff out there. How about a Jeanne Roberts Channel? Also, I’ve learned all I need to know about how to get a peanut out of a child’s nose (from Doctor Radio, at the lobby of the Langome Medical Center in New York City), and that 10 minutes of Blue Collar Radio is all I can take. Also, they have too much of a fondness for Rod Stewart on Bridge (channel 32). Also, that I actually DO like to listen to The Transcribed Adventures of the Man With The Action Packed Expense Account (Radio Classics).  Also, the bathrooms are clean and the coffee is cheap at Lanes near Fort Valley, but don’t use the second to the last stall because the latch doesn’t work.  I have 2 more trips to make- Saturday and Monday, then will be done. I hope. No, it’s not a medical thing, but some driving for a local industry that uses a testing lab in Alabama, but needed a driver for 10 days and asked if I’d do it for mileage. Since my car gets 35mpg, I said sure! 5 days on the road, the lab is in my parent’s town so I can eat lunch with them and have a cup of coffee…it is funny sometimes how things work out.

But, I am kind of tired of driving now, and I have gained an understanding of mothers who work outside the home every day… the floors, they are a mess. The laundry, it is piling up.  And tired, I am.


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17 Responses to What’s up, eh?

  1. jerseechik says:

    Can you do the Cracker Barrel Rent-a-Tape thing?

  2. xena says:

    I just noticed this post. I haven’t been here in awhile, so I wasn’t in that pile of 4000 and some odd Canadian readers.

    Some of Natalia’s readers may have found you on her blogroll. She did a few posts awhile back about student loan debt, and they were HUGE. Just huge. And relinked all over the place. Canadians are very interested in griping about student loans, and for us “it really is personal”.

    I don’t know for sure. That’s just a bit of fancy guesswork bc that’s how I usually find new blogfriends to chat with. I’ll be looking for something specific, like a recipe, or something academic, and I find an interesting blog. Then I peek at that person’s blogroll and find other blogs.

  3. xena says:

    Oops. 400 Canadians, not 4000. 4000 hits overall. Yes, that makes it even more plausible that Natalia’s readers are stopping by. I think Daisy might have you on her blogroll, too. I don’t go over there much. I hate trying to login with blogspot. She’s very popular, tho, with the radio show and all. It’s also possible that she may have mentioned you on a recent post.

  4. xena says:

    Aw, don’t say that. I like your blog. A person can only read so much fist waving, political Chicken Little ranting before she feels about to bust a brain vein. I like cooking blogs and puppy squee, too.

    It is puzzling that the stats would say 4000 one day and 50 the next.

    • rootietoot says:

      That’s why I’m blaming a computer glitch, and not sudden popularity with the proletariat.
      I have a rarely posted-on dachshund blog called Weinerdog Bliss- link is in the blogroll. I am soon to update it, due to funniness with the dogs.

  5. xena says:

    We’re posting at the same time again 😕 I meant “don’t say that” about how people only read your blog bc they’re bored. I like it here.

  6. xena says:

    Most Canadians don’t get mean. We’ll tease a little, but it’s usually stuff like this:

    Only the staunchest flagwaving American could get annoyed with that, right?

  7. xena says:

    Yes, I rubbernecked your hound dawgs too. Very cute 😀

  8. xena says:

    I just caught that bit about the radfems. That probably explains it. A whole army of them probably came over to holler about nekked wimmin, and found a happy housewife (You Wellfed Victim of Patriarchy, you 😉 ). They probably couldn’t figure out how to harass you without making fools of themselves, and decided to leave lol.

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