Sweet dreams are made of these…

I am a lucid dreamer. I can’t do it all the time, but many times, especially with a dream I am enjoying, I will wake up, then be able to pick back up where the dream left off, sometimes for several days in a row.

Sometimes, though, it will just be some goofy dream that I will forget as soon as I wake up.

Last night, I dreamt that I had a horse. He was a solid brown quarter horse (we’d driven by the American Quarter Horse Museum in Amarillo…of course it was in Amarillo. Where else would it be?), and it had a saddle but no bridle. Which was fine, quarter horses are smart and this one would go where he was told.  I also had an apricot (kind of a strawberry blonde) Labradoodle. (see previous post) that would ride on the horse with me.  We were going to a parade, and passed a driveway that had a large group of children and a couple of teachers, all in those little plastic Barbie cars with the batteries (that kids drive around in cul-de-sacs while their mothers gather at one house and sip sangria…which is what all mothers do, right? Because we don’t have anything better to do than sip sangria because this is totally 1957 or something.) Only, one of the cars held 9 kids- 3 rows of 3 stacked up like stadium seats, or one of those massive strollers that day care centers use.  I spoke to the teacher about the parade and rode on.

This is not a dream I will try to pick up on tonight. Maybe the horse and dog part, I will, because that was fun.

I remember other dreams…ones where I woke up feeling very empowered. Often they involve some sort of military battle, and I am a leader.

Oh…and my brain talks to me, too. (can you say it like that, since the brain is part of who you are?) Really, it does.

I have a condition called medication induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus. It means the medication I took for 15 years (that kept me sane) eventually fried my kidneys, and I had (past tense, more medication and a diet change helped) to pee all the time. ALL THE TIME. Even at night. I’d get up 5 or 6 times…yea…hourly…to use the bathroom. My brain, bless it’s (her?) heart, would insert a bathroom into a dream, to let me know it was Time To Go.  Even to the point of putting a port-a-potty on the battlefield. That’s right. Once I was leading a regiment across a battlefield at night, it was something like Waterloo or some other pre-Civil War era thing (based on the uniforms and weapons) and there it was,a royal blue Port-A-Potty, and I yelled “OK WAIT …I’LL BE RIGHT BACK” then woke up enough to use the bathroom (which is not very, I got good at that. even though I broke my toe once because I wasn’t awake enough to notice that the door had shifted 3 inches to the left), then returned to the battle. Which we won, and that was very satisfying.

Dreams occasionally warn that I am having mental issues. Being bipolar, issues happen. Being a control freak (Terry will tell you that I am very emotionally buttoned up, and have real trouble expressing feelings), sometimes the brain will kick in, and give a warning that maybe some unbuttoning is in order.  Natural disasters are a common thing in the warning dreams.  I used to wonder why, but Terry said he thinks it’s because I despise losing control, and no one can control a tsunami, or a tornado (common dream disasters). In these dreams I lose the things that are most precious- usually family- and I wake up very shaken and unhappy.  This requires some heavy-duty analysis of what’s going on in real life. And yes, usually these dreams occur when something heavy-duty is going on. You know, Life Stuff That Happens And I Can’t Control.  When the brain does this to the dreams, it gives me the warning that it is time to step back and evaluate, maybe do some repositioning of opinion or outlook, or maybe simply find a way to CHILL THE HELL OUT.  Easier said than done…

So anyway, the horse and the labradoodle…I hope I can use them again. Neither one talked or did anything one doesn’t expect an animal to do (except perhaps for the horse being perfectly OK with a dog riding it’s back, but even that isn’t totally out of the question), so it would be fun to put that in my stable (haw! *snort*) of dream themes to call on when the brain is bored at 2am and wants something other than flying grocery carts (yes…I had one of those…I was 12) or suspicious cakes that say “eat me”.


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3 Responses to Sweet dreams are made of these…

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I like your horse and doggie dream better than my dream about Michael Jackson being kidnapped instead of dead.

    I think your brain does talk to you. I have those stress dreams about trying to hit correct numbers on a phone. It’s an important call and I always get to the last number and hit the wrong button. For years after graduation, I dreamed I was taking a government exam. It was the final exam and if I failed it I wouldn’t graduate. When I looked at the exam, I didn’t know a single answer. Crazy what our minds do to us.

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    I have those phone dreams! They really really suck. I wake up frustrated and uneasy.

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