Do….be do be do.

It is amazing how Having Something To DO is so energizing.

One thing I can’t stand is getting all emotional and hand-flappy and running around like my head has fallen off.  I do not play the helpless female very well. Women like that irritate me, and I do not want to be irritating to others.

This bothers Terry sometimes. He has said he wishes I could just let it go, let the stuff out and roll with it for a while. Sometimes I wish I could do that,too. But it gives me a hangover.  If I have something to DO, something productive that contributes to the solution, I am much happier.

And so it is.  We are making this drive (20+ hours) to Amarillo,to see my grandmother.  It might be good-bye, it might not. I don’t know. But there is an urgency about  it and a tremendous sense of relief that it’s happening NOW, and not July 10. Maybe it’s just reassurance, and that’s ok.

I guess there is a very good reason Terry took the entire week off. We had other plans, but they aren’t the sort that can’t be done some other time, and even if they were, this is more important.

So, I am now happily making lists and plans and getting ready. All the laundry was done yesterday. I have a bit of mending (making shorts out of pants for #4), a bit of cooking(granola bars for snacks), and a bit of yard work (mowing, watering everything). #4 needs to pack for camp today. I will give him his list, clear the dining table so he can put everything on it and I can double check, and turn him loose to do it himself.

We will be dropping #4 off at 6am Sunday morning for him to go to camp for a week, then heading straight out west.  Our oldest will be here to see after the dogs and cat.

Last night we were sitting out in Terry’s Cave, making a list and discussing stuff, and #4 came out. He said he wished he could go too, and opined that he would enjoy a trip on back roads. Terry informed him that we would do just that with him, in 3 years when he was old enough to help with the driving.  #4 got excited about that, and said he wanted to drive to West Mineral, Kansas and see Big Brutus.  I think that would make a fine inaugeral   inaguaral   oh heck…first road trip for a 16 year old.

I’ve recovered from my emotional issues…I know I am saying that as if they were some sort of pathological problem, and I know they are not, but they are uncomfortable, and because the family is not used to seeing me dissolving into a soggy mess like that, awkward for them.  Last night I apologized to Terry for my weirdness and he rolled his eyes, and said “you don’t have to apologize for that!” then I tried to make excuses for it by blaming hormones, and he rolled his eyes again and said “maybe hormones made your reaction a little stronger than it might have otherwise been, but your emotions are real and you DON’T HAVE TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEM!”

Maybe not, but something that uncomfortable, feeling that out of control of something going on inside my brain, that is very difficult.  Letting it happen, like letting a horse have it’s head and just RUN…that is…kind of….foreign.  20 years of bipolar disorder has taught me to keep things wrapped up pretty tight, and I have trouble discerning when it’s ok to let it out, even when I know, logically, that it is a reasonable sort of response.


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3 Responses to Do….be do be do.

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I agree with Terry though, it took me a long, long time to accept that I didn’t have to question or make excuses for my ‘feelings’…they are what they are. I was always trying to figure out if I ‘should’ feel that way. Now I’m pretty apt to say, “This is how I’m feeling,” no excuses or explainations needed. I’m glad you’re feeling more in control though.

  2. jerseechik says:

    Yummy! I’m going to be thinking about that last paragraph for a while. TY for the brain food!

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Terry got it right. Smart guy.

    You sound like you’re pretty organized about the trip, etc. I hope things go well with your grandmother … whatever that may mean. Safe trip.

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