A weekend away

Last week, I made arrangements to spend a couple of days with a friend near Atlanta. Her husband and son were going to be elsewhere, and the idea of a weekend saturated in estrogen (and chocolate mousse) was too good to pass up.

Yes, it’s Father’s Day weekend, however, 3 of our 4 boys were/are in other towns for a while, so we relocated Father’s Day to July 8. We do that all the time with the Minor Celebrations such as this.

It was lovely. It was quiet. I slept until 7 am because I wanted to.  7 am. The mind boggles. I never sleep past 5 am around here. Either a dog starts barking, or Terry gets up to go to work, or something. There were no dogs, only the aroma of coffee and the promise of being able to wake up slowly…

and…feminine conversation. No discussions of bodily functions and the quality of biological production. No looking out the front window and feeling the need to mow the grass. Just time with a close friend who understands.

Ok. Now. I have issues with my touchpad rearranging things. I am going to illustrate the issue by refraining from editing here for a while so you can see what I am talking about…starting…

NOW…er discovering

So, we did stuff. Lunch on the square aft the lates ing Asian grocery ore o yes,very nicehem.

Also, painthas t I am used to that. No one every excpet for the lack of kaffir lime leaves, but chips from Home depot. I had to call Terry for advoned teal (coral, I never oudl have gice on what matches a blue-tuessed)

Then, wandering und the square where I found the PERFECT  for water in my sewing room. I have to keep it to refill the iron for steam. It is a loih roses, and a creamer (‘ll use for penicls, and a sugar bowl that is perfect for safety pins., while tvely china coffee pot.

You see, I can actually type about 90 words per minute. But, since about 3 months ago, the touchpad on my computer has become hypersensitive, and the cursor jumps around, rearranging things. How irritating.

Anyway, the weekend away did a lot for me, mentally and spiritually. My friend makes me think (even when I don’t want to. I prefer to remain comfortable in my delusions thankyouverymuch), getting away from The Usual Thing, and learning how to make chocolate mousse (do you believe I’ve never made it before? Well, I haven’t.) was a pleasant vacation and now I am ready to face the laundry and normalcy of Life, The Universe,and Everything that comes in the week ahead.

  and here is a picture of a smug rodent type creature. We don’t have these in Wiregrass Country. I am guessing it’s a bunny-squirrel thing .


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