The problem with being me, is that late afternoon on a Saturday, I get hungry, and not for baby carrots or celery sticks. I want crap. I want cheap Great Value from Walmart barbeque potato chips. Or maybe sour cream and onion. And a mojito. Which I have, right there next to me on the table. It’s delicious. But it’s not cheap bbq or SC&O chips. Nothing takes the place of those, not even the small plate of dill triscuits and monterey jack cheese.  Not even the hamburgers and tots being fixed up even as I type.



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  1. I am so with you on that. True junk food can be soooo good.
    Bon appetite!
    xo jj

  2. Bella Rum says:

    The afternoons are the worst time for me. I try celery and peanut butter or a rice cake these days, but it isn’t easy. This weight thing is a full-time job for me.

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