A wee dose of estrogen, just enough…

I got to watch a friend’s 3 yr old daughter for a couple of hours today.
Holy crow, the differences between boys and girls start early, don’t they!
When my boys were 3, they were picking up sticks and pretending to shoot each other, and sword fight, and trying to poke each other in the eye.  And no, I didn’t have guns in the house then, nor did we watch violent movies or anything like that. It came naturally to them.
But this sweet little girl? Oh mah word.
The estrogen…it was…intoxicating.
I sat on the floor and she ‘painted’ my fingernails. “Blow them!” she said. “Like this!” and she showed me how.
Then she played with my hair. “Pink and red stripes! You look beautiful!” she said.
Then she announced it was time to dance. “Play a song!” she commanded. So I played Chopsticks, then a minuet by Mozart. She preferred Chopsticks and showed me how to dance like a bumblebee to it.
Eventually she required a fudgesicle, and absorbed it through the skin of her face and hands. Washing her off was easy, she knew just what to do. My boys never knew that, and considered water some sort of offence against them.
Someone had better get me a granddaughter. Not too soon, I’d like things to be done in the traditional order, but soon enough that I can still get in the floor to have my hair and nails done.


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2 Responses to A wee dose of estrogen, just enough…

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I did childcare for a number of years and was so interested in the differences between boys and girls. My son would use a stapler (opened up) as his gun and the little girls would implore him to stop shooting and come sit down and eat the (pretend) food they’d prepared.

    You put a toy car in a little boy’s hands and they automatically begin making car sounds. Give a girl a toy car and she drives it to the mall to shop.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    We gave my grandson a car that shot missiles for Christmas. Bad idea.There was a newborn in the house. I really didn’t know.

    My granddaughter loves to draw and wear pretty costumes and do her nails, and she can entertain herself for hours on end. He likes video games, building things and knocking them down and shooting missiles.

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