Solutions to problems

I’m getting a new fridge. I’ve never had a side-by-side before. Never had an icemaker, either. Now I’m getting both! I’m so fancy! They’re supposed to show up late morning. I am happy that Will will be here, because I have have issues with being a woman alone at home and men-types showing up and coming inside. Call me old fashioned but there it is. Will said he’ll stand in the kitchen with my 14 inch butcher knife and growl at them.

Poor Puppy Rusty/ That Little Shit has a solution. He has had to wear a Cone of Shame because he’d gnaw on the cast on his leg. However, TCoS is awkward and makes it difficult for him to get a drink unless the water bucket is completely full. Also, he likes to sleep on the bed, and has inexplicably decided the best way to sleep is to snuggle up next to Terry. Which is difficult whilst wearing TCoS. So, last night while I was laying on my back, wide awake (about 3am) I decided what he needed was a sock to cover his splint, something tough. Denim. I have many scraps of denim. So, this morning (feeling smug at my ability to come up with a solution) I made a well fitting denim sleeve-sock that covers the splint and he cannot pull it off or chew through it. go me! And he is MUCH happier at being out of the Cone of Shame.

I was wide awake at 3am because 2 minutes earlier, I tried to turn over and heard a *CRUNCH* in my upper back, right between the shoulders. I saw white, felt nauseous, and decided the best thing to do was lay there and not move at all. Then I thought about solutions to various small problems and came up with the denim sock concept.

David, bless his heart, didn’t have a class until 9, and took #4 to school for me, while I sat in the recliner, sipping coffee and waiting for the motrin to start working. With a heating pad on my back that feels like Jesus might be giving me a back rub. Will has agreed to pick #4 up at 3. Good men, they are.

There’s a hutch in the kitchen It had to be moved over a couple of inches to make room for the new fridge, which is 2-1/2 inches wider than the old one. It holds lots of stuff. Yesterday Terry instructed me to empty it then have the boys pick it up and move it over, as the legs wouldn’t hold up to sliding over. So I emptied it, then decided I didn’t want to wait for the boys to be available to move it, and moved it myself. Which broke on of the back legs. Way to go, Rootie, see what happens when you disobey someone who nearly always knows what he’s talking about? So, today I am going to empty it again (with the boys help) and have them carry the hutch outside, and see about repairing the broken foot. I do not want my disobedience to mean lost fun time for Terry. Sorry, hon…you were right.

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One Response to Solutions to problems

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Enjoy the new fridge! Mine will probably break again before fall. I swear. Hope you have no such problems.

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