One of those days

Yesterday, I noticed that the ice in the freezer wasn’t ice. Uh oh…I thought. The freezer’s on the fritz. Terry spent time cleaning the coils and doing his magic man-thing to it…but still no ice, just trays of water. However, the air in thair was nice and cold so…no problem, maybe it’s just 38 degrees or something. I took the (still mostly frozen) stuff and put it in the big freezer. most of it, anyway. Just the important stuff.

However…this morning the inside of the fridge was definitely warmer than it should have been. So we got to number crunching, and determined that it would be actually the same price to purchase a new fridge than the spend all that on service calls and new parts and not to mention the time spent waiting for the inevitable out-of-stock issue that requires another service call so oh heck, go price fridges at Lowe’s and see what you can find, said Terry.

While talking on the hone with Terry, discussing all this, my phone died. No chirp, no warning at all of the possibility of battery run-outage. Just a little blip sounds and it turned itself off.

and the engine malfunction light is on in my car. I do know why, and it’s an easy enough fix,once I can remember to tell Terry.

and the leaves are falling off the peach tree and I have no idea why.

and #4 is failing 2 of his classes, which might mean Summer School if he doesn’t bring those grades up in the next 3 weeks. Ugh.

HOWEVER…as ridiculous as all that is…I am remembering PERSPECTIVE.

In my immediate family:

No one has died.
No one is seriously ill.
No one is pregnant. (well, I mean, no one’s girlfriend is pregnant, as far as I know. If she is,please give us a few days before informing us)
No one is in jail.

So, in the grand scheme of things…really everything is pretty good.

However, number crunching also reveals that the purchase of a new fridge means no vacation this Summer. That’s ok. The beach is a 1 hour drive, so maybe we’ll do a couple of day trips and I’ll make lots of barbeque.


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One Response to One of those days

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    Don’t ya hate it when everything goes at once? But you’re right, perspective is so important. I constantly say to myself, “OK, but no one died!”

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