Lovely things are blooming in the House of Rootie…well ok, they aren’t blooming IN the house, but rather on the patio and in the garden, but House of Rootie also includes Property of Rootie…ok of Rootie’s Husband but Also Rootie because I think my name’s on the deed too…oh heck you know what I mean.

Honey Perfume, Golden Celebration, and Comte du Champagne roses

Some kind of antique Noisette rose with a shady history. Mom got a cutting from someone who stole a cutting off one she found in a very old cemetery.

Lady Emma Hamilton, a lovely small shrub that does well in a pot on the patio. David Austin Roses

Egyptian Irises. Very cold sensitive, but do well up next to the house. The flowers only last 1 day, but it blooms profusely for a couple of weeks.


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  1. Jo says:

    This just isn’t fair. The irises here are just beginning to show green leaves. We’re still a long way from blooms. And roses won’t come out till June. But I recall you said there are some flowers that can’t grow in Georgia because of the heat, right? Lilacs, maybe? Or was it tulips?

  2. jerseechik says:

    Very pretty!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    and you are keeping us well informed on computer of Rootie.

  4. You really have a green thumb, Rootie. Everything is so beautiful.
    xo jj

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