The Morning Routine

6:00 am
Terry: Time to get up, #4. It’s 6.
#4: uuuuuuhhhnnnn5moreminuteshnnnnnn

Me: Time to get up, Sunshine (or Sparky, or Sweetcheeks, whatever comes to mind).
(throws the puppy onto the bed, he proceeds to bounce around like Tigger and lick #4’s face)
#4: I feel sick, I think I have a (insert first sick-like symptom that comes to mind)
Me: You don’t have a fever and you’re not throwing up. You’re going to school.
#4: Mo-oooohm…I’m Si-iiiick!
Me: Get up, Sunshine (etc).

Sounds of shuffling feet across the upstairs landing, door slamming, shower comes on.

#4, smelling of Irish Spring and in his bathrobe, shuffles downstairs and fixes himself a cup of coffee.
#4: I still feel sick. I’m hungry. I didn’t sleep well last night. It’s not fair (and other complaints)
Me: You have a bad case of First World Problems. Now go milk the cows, plow the last half acre you didn’t finish last night, and if I am satisfied with the job you did, I will only beat you 5 minutes instead of the usual 10, and you’ll get an extra spoonful of unsalted grits for breakfast.
#4: oooookaaaaaay….*sigh*


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7 Responses to The Morning Routine

  1. Jo says:

    Why does he have to wake up so early? How far away is school, if you don’t mind my asking. I guess I’m fortunate. My daughter’s school is literally 3 minutes away on foot, so she can sleep till 7:30.

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    I don’t miss those morning struggles. I miss many things about raising my sons, but not that.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    My mother used to say, “Rise and shine, Lucy.” Or sometimes, “Rise and shine, Susie.” I have no idea who Lucy and Susie were.

    Isn’t it amazing how teenagers can sleep so much, and we struggle to sleep. It’s one more thing about life that isn’t fair.

  4. Attilathemom says:

    Hehehe. I just love YOU!

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