Hyperactive Springtime

The Garden: Snow peas and salad greens are up! Tiny greens and poking up through the dirt, and the snow peas are pushing soil aside and it won’t be long until the poles will need to go in so they can grow upward and start giving me PEAS. I am waiting for it to be consistently warmer before putting in the burgundy beans. However, the Telephone peas can probably go in this weekend. I will probably cover them with plastic for a couple of weeks, though. The Orris (white irises) are putting up a zillion buds! I can’t WAIT! Love me some white irises. Oo. For Valentine’s Day Terry gave me a card promising a shopping spree at a flower nursery. Methinks some purple irises may be in order. Yes? Of course. It is also time to order the James Galway rose I’d like to put next to the gate into the garden. Terry has promised an arbor over the gate for the rose to climb on.

The Sewing Room: A new dress for Easter is in the works. Coral Irish linen, made into a tailored dress with an A-line skirt and buttons up the front. No gathers, no ruffles, no nothing extraneous or floofy. I do not do floof or gathers. Experience has taught that clean lines and a well tailored outfit removes 10-20 pounds from a Rubenesque form. Also, I am making aprons. The embroidery machine is a great way to make custom things that have sarcastic sayings on them. I am considering opening an Etsy shop to sell them. Or maybe Ebay. Maybe both. I don’t know. They’re fun to make. It has been many, many years since I did any serious sewing, and getting back into it has been rewarding.

The Kitchen: CJ, in a fit of generosity and craving for smoked chops, recently bought a gas smoker for me. It’s a lovely thing, and you can see it at Rootie’s Kitchen. I have, so far, smoked a gigantic boston butt, 6 boneless pork chops, and a chicken. I am considering making homemade sausage and smoking that, but making it would require the purchase of a sausage stuffer and some casings. That would not be a problem, as Kitchen Aid sells an attachment for the mixer. I’ve also gotten into making bread. My parents gave us a bread machine a million years ago. Gosh, we were living in South Alabama at the time and that was 20 years ago…anyway, it has been resurrected and put back into use. It costs about the same to make a loaf of whole grain bread with no preservatives or mysterious ingredients as it does to purchase a loaf. Playing around with recipes has resulted in a loaf with (let me count them…flax, sesame seeds, quinoa, amaranth, walnuts, whole wheat and white flours) lots of ingredients and a wonderful hearty texture. I came up with the bright idea of mixing the grains (except the flours) and toasting them in the skillet, then keeping them in a jar so when it’s time to make the bread I just scoop out what I need of the mix, instead of measuring each ingredient separately. The house has never smelled so good, and I feel like a Good Wife And Mother for providing my family with something so wholesome.

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2 Responses to Hyperactive Springtime

  1. Bella Rum says:

    You are the daughter my father always wanted, but he got me instead. You have a garden, a smoker, a bread maker, and you’re thinking about making homemade sausage!?! He still has his smoker, bread maker, apple press, meat grinder, etc. but of course, he can’t do any of that anymore. I think he misses gardening most. Gardeners never get over it. Even before the weather changes, they dream about getting out there and getting to the business of growing things.

  2. xena says:

    I was just reading Rootie’s Kitchen, and you were talking about how you sometimes forget to take pictures. You should stitch a camera pocket into some of those new aprons you’re making. That way, you’ll have a safe place to put it when the goo is flying. You won’t have to worry about ruining an expensive piece of equipment when you’re cooking.

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