New things, Spring Things

It’s Spring in The Southland. The grass needs cutting, the wisteria is starting to show buds, and peepers yell at you from the swamp across the road. We slept with the windows open last night, it got down to about 65 degrees. This really is my favorite time of year, and the reason God invented convertibles. Ok maybe He didn’t but He made the person who did and gave them the brains to come up with an automatic top. Which is very good.

The “grass” (and I use that noun loosely) in the front yard is close to shin-height. Mostly it’s rattlesnake weed and crabgrass, but once all that’s cut you can’t really tell. Except for the bald bits between the crabgrass patches. It’s not a pretty yard. As long as there are pinetrees making too much shade and pooping pinecones every 10 minutes there’s not much point in trying with it. Once the trees are gone (just as soon as someone drops $6000 in my lap) we’ll make it pretty. Yes, Canadian friends, we mow the grass in early March. I probably should have done so in mid-February but something in my Scottish heritage (it’s cold in Scotland and they mow with sheep and goats) prevented it. I cannot ignore it any longer tho. Another week and it will require a bushhog.

The garden is started. Snowpeas (Golden Sweets, an Indian variety chosen for it’s gold pods that are easy to see because I am blindish) and salad greens (arugula and Jericho lettuce, chosen for it’s heat resistance. I’d like salads in June and July, if possible) are planted and under a(possibly unnecessary) cold frame. Terry got a wire shelf unit and some plastic, and rigged me up “The Greenshack” called such because it’s too small to be a greenhouse, but it’s just the right size for a few tomatoes, peppers and herbs to start in the warm and humid comfort of a controlled environment. Heirloom tomatoes: Brandywines, Black Krims and Sweeties. Hot peppers for salsa, 2 eggplants per #4’s request, thyme, basil and salad burnett. I’m going to look for some perennial flowers like Echinacea, coreopsis, stuff like that.

I am hoping for one more freeze, to kill the fleas and mosquitoes. It could happen, maybe. However, by Easterit will all be over with and time to plant the delicate stuff- green beans, such like.

Terry is equipping his shop and getting it set up to do some serious furniture making. Work is settling down enough that he has off every Saturday, and he is taking full advantage. I am excited, because a furniture-making Terry is a happy Terry. Plus he’s going to make that mission style sofa I’ve always wanted.. Yes. One of these. We’re already picking through the oak bin at Home Depot and Lowe’s to find pieces of quarter-sawn that will look beautiful.

CJ, because he’s funny that way, bought a smoker for me last night. I have a smoker, but it’s a charcoal one, and he thought if I had a gas one I’d smoke stuff more often and he’s probably right. Harvey’s has Boston Butts on sale right now, so I see smoked barbeque in our near future. I also want to try cold smoking cheese and fish.

The daffodils are nearly finished blooming. The redbuds are in full bloom and dogwoods are just starting to open up. Wisteria is showing buds, and roses are starting to sprout leaves. yes, Spring is here in the Deep South. Y’all come for a visit!


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