Magical leap year

Like the Olympics, once every 4 years, this extra day. We should make it something special, instead of just a regular day. Right? of course. It should be a Free Day. No school, no work, or if you do work you should get paid double time like you would on a holiday. I recognize that I have more latitude toward taking a Free Day than most people. But I didn’t.

Being a Wednesday, there’s Prayer Group. Every Wednesday from about 11:45 until 1:00 or maybe 1:30 or sometimes 2:00 on to 2:30, depending on the need, a group of ladies from church (plus one from The Primitive Baptist Church) meet at Peaches’ house and we pray for stuff. Each other, our kids, marriages, husbands and their work, whatever it is that is weighing and needs help. I thought about skipping it today, for about 6 minutes, because it’s February 29 and should be a Free Day. However, I went, because one doesn’t pray when one feels like it. One prays when one needs to, is led to, and because somewhere in the Bible we’re told to. It’s talking to God, sharing concerns, shouldering a bit of the burden for someone else because burdens are easier to carry when they’re shared. It’s an eclectic group. The oldest member is The Primitive Baptist, at 83 years old. There’s a couple of women in late 50’s, a couple late 40’s, a couple late 30’s, and 3 newest members in their early 20’s. Including one with a 3 month old baby who loves to pass wet farts right in the middle of confession. It’s kinda hilarious because his mother will be confessing and we’ll all hear phphphphthhttttttt then mom will say “good grief” and everyone will giggle.

Afterward, Peaches wanted to borrow the baby (a delightfully pudgy little boy with pumpkin cheeks) to model a couple of girl dresses she’d made- fancy baptismal gowns full of lace and pink ruffles. So he got dressed up in them and promptly stuck out his bottom lip and started wailing. Little Fella did NOT approve of pink ruffles and a lace bonnet.

Then lunch, always nice on a Free Day, but restaurant wait staff should totally be tipped extra for working this day. I discovered that one can order rice with whatever curry sauce poured over the top…and for a mere $4, I got about 4 cups of rice with about 2 cups of massaman curry sauce….SO GOOD SO DELICIOUS and enough left I can have some for dinner! Woohoo! Next time you go eat Thai and you’re feeling stingy, ask for rice and curry sauce, all the flavor and none of the price!

So anyway, along with the Free Day concept, I was planning on not cooking supper, just eating the leftovers from lunch. They’re all big boys, they can scrounge for supper. I made a loaf of bread, so they can have a sandwich. there’s milk for cereal, there’s ramen noodles, and bean soup left over from the other night. Plenty of food for everyone. Terry has a meeting tonight so I wasn’t going to be bothered. Then he called and said he didn’t feel like going to a meeting and will come home. Only I don’t have anything planned. I reckon he’ll get a sandwich, too. Because it’s a Free Day. Or it should be.

How come we don’t celebrate this day? We have stupid holidays for every other thing. Is it because it comes between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day? Those 2 days are Hallmark Holidays anyway. I know here near Savannah St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG Deal, with parades and they dye the river green and everyone gets plastered on cheap green beer and the police pass out drunk-and-disorderly tickets only to the people who actually throw up where other people want to walk. But for the rest of the country, the parts that aren’t pretending to be populated only by Irish immigrants, I wager St. Patrick’s is no big deal. Some people wear green, and that’s about it. I think Leap Day Free Day, since it comes only every 4 years, would be a much better holiday…except for Lent, and all those people who gave up sweets or booze or meat…but being a Free Day, maybe it wouldn’t count. Which defeats the purpose of giving something up, I guess. Whatever.

what would i do with a completely Free Day? There has been a facebook conversation on my page about it, that whatever you do on February 29 is automatically GONE at midnight. This was started by an attorney friend,and makes me think of Jubilee- that once every 50 years when all debts are cancelled. I like the idea. What would i do if I knew at midnight all consequences and memory of it were erased?

Hm….I’d drive fast, eat Hagen Daz icecream sandwiches and fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. I might walk naked down Main Street. Ok probably not. But I’d think about it.

What would you do if you knew all consequences and memory of it were erased at midnight?

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3 Responses to Magical leap year

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    Oh, that’s a dicey one; so many options.

    1. Kill Bill
    2. Pick up a good looking stranger and take him to bed
    3. Eat a dozen Long’s donuts and wash em’ down with a Pepsi

  2. jerseechik says:

    You know about Sadie Hawkins, right?

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