Now THAT’S more like it!

Friday, I packed. Saturday morning we (Terry and I) got up early, and were out the door and up the road by 10 after 7! Bliss!

We went here and stayed for 2 half days and 1 whole day, blissfully doing absolutely nothing more stressful than soaking in the hot tub or splitting a bit of wood for kindling. I cooked a little bit, which involved grilling a couple of pieces of meat and dumping some salad from a bag onto plates. Then we soaked in the hot tub again. Then watched a movie, poked at the fire in the fireplace, and soaked in the hot tub again.

It was cold there, and rainy, and the hot tub was surrounded by windows so if we’d remembered the bathing suits we could have opened the blinds and watched the rain, but I was all Presbyterian and Nervous about someone driving by (which actually happened, once…someone drove by, that is) and seeing us in the altogether soaking in that hot tub and being traumatized by the sight (of 2 middle aged Not So Slims naked in a hot tub)…where was I? Oh yeah. The blinds were kept tightly shut, all the way around the cabin so if we’d wanted to we probably could have spent the entire weekend COMPLETELY NUDE. But we didn’t, because someone had to go out and get firewood, and doing it in the buff would certainly guarantee that a Baptist funeral would drive by. Terry did go out once in his pajama pants, a t-shirt and unlaced hiking boots, looking a bit like a character from Li’l Abner…and that was the one time a car drove by. He went back out 2 hours later, and the same car drove by from the other way.

I had always wanted to rent a cabin in the mountains, and spend a few days, but never had. However, now we have and I highly recommend it. It was quiet. There was no decent cell phone reception. It was cold thus piling into the bed and snuggling close was necessary (and fun). I fantasized about selling our big barn of a house once all the kids leave home, and getting a place like that little cabin. 850 square feet, that’s all, with everything a person (or two) requires, AND a hot tub!

Terry liked it so much that he announced we would do it a couple of times a year. I liked it so much I thought that was a splendid idea. You know what’s crazy? Well, I thought it was crazy…the whole thing cost about as much as a decent Holiday Inn room. AND they supplied the wood and housekeeping! Crazy! To think that for the past 25 years I wanted to do this, and never did because I was certain it would be ridiculously expensive. Well, it wasn’t and it was MUCH cheaper than marriage counseling!


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6 Responses to Now THAT’S more like it!

  1. Nichole says:

    Oh, that sounds so nice. I’m glad you had a nice break!

  2. attilathemom says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time!!! I’m actually going to run away from the mountains in a couple of weeks to go spend some time with my mom sans kids, dogs and hubby. I can’t freaking wait!!!

  3. Have the T-shirt says:

    I love cabins in the woods…one of my favorite “get away from it all” vacations.

    Glad your plans worked out and you had some alone time 🙂

  4. Bella Rum says:

    That looks and sounds just like what the doctor ordered. Glad you enjoyed!

  5. Kathryn says:

    I rent a cabin, like yours, every year in June. I take 3 bottles of champagne, a bottle of scotch, and lots of books and magazines. I just soak in the hot tub and read. I talk to no one and do nothing. My cell phone works up there, but I tell everyone it doesn’t. Ahhh. And you’re right… I rarely spend over $200 for the whole 3-day adventure.

    • rootietoot says:

      We took one bottle of champagne and one of bourbon. Next time I’ll take more than that, and hopefully spend 3 days instead of 2. books on the Kindle, a couple of movies we hadn’t seen yet…and no internet. It was amazing.

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