no, I didn’t watch the Grammys and that isn’t a commentary on my son’s truck. Which is actually running well but has aquired a set of crinkles in the back bumper that he swears he has no idea how those got there. not that it matters, he pays for his own insurance and doesn’t even live here, but as a mother I notice these things.

No, the title refers to my joints. Noisy things, they are,popping and powing and making all sorts of alarming noises but the funny thing is, it feels GOOD when they go POW, doesn’t hurt a bit! They don’t particularly hurt beforehand either, they just kind of seize up and get stuck, then I stretch or twist and then POW like my own little percussion section with an unpredictable and poorly trained sense of rhythm.

I am looking forward to a bit of BANG POW this weekend. It will happen, one way or another. I’ve rented a cabin in the mountains for the weekend, and Terry and I are planning on going up there and DOING NOTHING (that I can write about in a public forum). NO CHORES. There is a fireplace with provided firewood. A DVD player. Woods and trails and he says there’s a cool old hardware store in the town nearby. We both love cool old hardware stores, no telling what you’ll find there.

IF something comes up with work to prevent him from being able to go…and he has done everything within his power to make sure it won’t but you never know…there will be a BIG BANG POW all over the head of El Presidente (because anything that happens like that is always HIS fault, and I am not just saying that) and then I’ll go anyway, because the cabin is paid for. But not until after I visit the firing range and take some aggression out on the target with a high powered rifle borrowed from a son. We both need this, this getting away from everything for a couple of days. I do not believe in ‘staycations’ because, even though they sound great and make sense, it’s not relaly a vacation for me, since I am at home all day anyway. A ‘staycation’ is just more work,because everyone is here, making messes and needing food.


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One Response to BANG POW

  1. Here’s hoping you and Terry can get away! You sure deserve it.

    xo jj

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