The kind of writing that would make me fail, but I am not getting a grade anyway.

Ok I just about have the fancypants sewing machine worked out. Right now it is chugging away at a monogrammed pillow sham. A while back, when I was pretty sure we were going to sell this big barn of a house and get something smaller and easier to keep clean, I bought a bedspread because I knew that a nice bedspread would make all the difference in the way our bedroom looked without having to get rid of the 1990’s furniture because all those Sell Your House shows on HGTV say get rid of outdated furniture and put in something contemporary because people who are looking at houses are incapable of seeing past the ugly dresser to notice the 2 large closets and pristine hardwood floors because apparently people who are househunters are complete idiots.
So anyway, the bedspread is kind of pretty, in a contemporary sort of way (I am more of a vintage quilt cottage look sort of girl but the furniture is definitely not cottage) and has lots of colors in it, blues and tans and a burgundy reds and some greens and all. So plundering though the thread drawer, and making some mistakes on choices (Old DMC thread has a spun core and is lousy for embroidery because it shreds, but the new stuff has a continuous polyester core and works nicely)and screwing up a few pieces of cloth due to not knowing what to do, but it’s no big deal because I’ve got something like 40 yards of the stuff on a roll and now I think By George I’ve Got It! I hope…eventually I will figure out which fonts work and which don’t and in what size an all that stuff…I sure am glad this fabric is free…
So the shams. I am making 2. One is kind of feminine with a floral flourish and in a BlackAdder font that’s kind of swoopy and curvy. The other one is a very angular masculine font, using the same colors as mine but with a square frame in 3 colors because when I asked Terry how he wanted his he said “Make it so anyone who sees it will know that a MAN sleeps there.” so it’s in black with burgundy and a kind of browny green frame. The fabric is a soft khaki twill (also a color in the bedspread)

I am writing this as it embroiders away, happily stopping and giving a cheerful chirp when it’s time to change thread colors and I am feeling very Privileged and content with being able to design something and have someone else to do all the real work.

The sewing machine, which also embroiders, really needs a name, something that suits a hardworking and fancypants Swedish device with a dongle. Suggestions?


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4 Responses to The kind of writing that would make me fail, but I am not getting a grade anyway.

  1. Lars.

    Or Sig. Sig sounds like a man with a dongle.

  2. jerseechik says:

    Lars has the fancypants sound, though, as well as the dongle.

  3. Have the T-shirt says:

    I like Lars, and if he’s got a dongle, I REALLY like him.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    I can’t sew a lick. I keep thinking I’ll make some curtains. Been thinking that for over a decade. Lars is good.

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