All done but the cleanup

and there’s still a cheeseball in the fridge!
Mom and Dad were here, the boys were all here, there was food and little plastic animals that pooped jellybeans and a general excess of frivolity (if you can even have such a thing).

My parents are aging, no doubt about that. It’s hard to see, but I also know it’s the natural course of things. I suppose as their child there is still a vestige of “parents are immortal”. Terry commented that we are the ages our parents were when we started having kids. It was kind of sad to see them slowing down, especially Mom. Dad is still the busybody gotta-have-something-to-do that he’s always been, nervous and twitchy if there isn’t something productive to do, so Terry put him to work in the shop assembling his new bandsaw and getting the roller extension put on the tablesaw. Then Dad fixed the burner on the stove that wasn’t working right, then we ran out of projects for him and they had to go home.

Mom is really slowing down. If she can do those things she has taught for a million years, she’s fine, but the other stuff, or if she’s a little bit out of her element, she seems confused or moves really slowly. I know that it happens,and I am beginning to understand the frustration people have with elderly (I never really thought of them as elderly,but at 73 and 74, I guess they are) parents. It’s an effort to remember that things slow down, the mind, the ability to process stuff and physically respond,it all slows. Patience is required, it’s essential. I am thankful for the time spent years ago, working in a nursing home. It prepared me for what’s happening now. I don’t like it, it’s sad,but it is also the natural course of life.

But, this year, this Christmas, was fun. The event that may stick firmest in our minds happened last night about 6pm. Most of us were sitting in the living room watching Evil Roy Slade when we heard something that sounded like a gentle but rapid rainfall followed by the rapid bouncing of…something. I started giggling (because the alternative wasn’t very pleasant) when I realized #4 just spilled his bag of 10,000 plastic bbs…on a the wood floor of the dining room. It was very quiet in there, save for the gentle rolling sound of multitudinous bbs. #4 was very quiet as well. It was easily dealt with thanks to the vacuum cleaner and Rusty the Dog who discovered he could lap them up and spit them in his food bowl (seeing is believing).

So it’s all done but for the memories. And the rogue bb that made it past the vacuum cleaner.

And, because I’m nice, a picture for you to enjoy.

Stuff on a cat

Stuff on a cat: The Tomato

Stuff on a Cat: Disc, Dog Biscuit, Silver Spoon


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3 Responses to All done but the cleanup

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I a SO glad you had a good Christmas- no big fights, sirens, or disasters. You guys deserve good holidays. Plus, you deserve kudos for raising your kiddos to clean up their own messes- with or without the help of Wonder Dog.
    omg, the tomato on the cat is funny!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    are you planning a follow up? Suff UNDER cat

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Stuff, you know it should have been stuff.

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