The Elf On The Shelf

Y’know, that cutesy kids book. Well, I heard of this and had to participate. I hadn’t bought a single thing for Christmas other than a little bit of stuff, but nothing really FUN, y’know. And because of THIS PERSON I heard of that up there and decided TO HELL WITH LITTLE KIDS, because I don’t have any and I wanted an Elf to do naughty things to. Because it’s been hard this year and I WANT SOME FUN.

HIttin' the sauce.

I have to say, the older boys are totally into it. Will had the brilliant idea to give the elf heavy eyelids and wires in it’s arms and legs for positioning.

I think the elf will become like a silent scream,a doppelganger, that outlet for all the things I would do if I didn’t have a middle aged housewife’s Presbyterian Sensibilities.

oo...there's one left!

Because honestly…truly…is there anything more important that Kim Kardashain’s butt? Not according to USA Today.

Wow! Kim Kardashian's butt!

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true..

Hey Foxy, Daddy's home.


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2 Responses to The Elf On The Shelf

  1. I am LOVING the heavy eyelids. HI-LARIOUS! Your son has a gift. Can he come over and play with Dobbie? I have a background check and no prior record of anything untoward involving children or adult children of blogging buddies.

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