Up since the middle of the night

I’ve been up since 2am it’s approaching 5:30am now). About that time I tried rolling over in bed and my back said O HELL NO and, because Terry is out of town until Friday, I had the freedom to curse loudly. Rusty, the dachshund puppy we got back in the Fall, sat on my head and licked my ear.

We finally have a sympathetic dachshund. These dogs are known for their self centeredness, but Rusty, (Russell Sprout, Rust Bucket, Shithead) actually showed some kindness, in his dim puppy sort of way. The other dogs would have taken my pillow and wondered why I hadn’t fed them yet.

It helped.

Honestly, I briefly considered calling an ambulance. It hurt that bad. Then it settled down, with the turning up of the heating pad and the finding of a more comfortable position. Standing up helped. But who wants to do that at 2am, unless it’s to pee then crawl back under the warm covers and go back to sleep? Plus, the phone was clear on the other side of the county bed, and I really didn’t feel like reaching for it. I mean, REALLLLY didn’t feel like it.

So,against doctor’s orders, because honestly, it’s Just This Once, I took another horsepill Big Motrin. I do not recommend doing this. If anyone takes this as medical advice I will call you nuts. I am NOT a medical professional.

But…I got things to do. #4 needs to be gotten up in about 30 minutes to get ready for school. #3 (he spent the night here. I do not know why, as he has a very comfortable bed in his own house that he pays rent on)needs to be stirred for work. I’m going to get #3 up and ask him to wake up #4 because #4 is upstairs and #3 is downstairs, and that’s 15 steps up or 3 steps down. You do the math. Also, they can fix their own breakfasts and lunches. #4 will wake up #2 around 7, so #2 can drive #4 to school at 8. Then #2 will wake up #1 at 10,and one of them will take me to the orthopedist (FINALLY…longest 3 days of my life except for the time I was in labor with #4) at noon. *AND! (this is one of those “Oh cool! Thanks,God!” moments) I got a text message from one of the carpooling moms who said “I’ll pick up the boys from basketball practice this afternoon”, completely spontaneously without asking or anything.

Is this how Moms are? We suck it up and forge ahead, doing what needs to be done in the interest of a smooth running household? I know my mom did this. She would have migraines, and allowed herself 2 hours of dark silence, then plowed forward. The only time I remember her in real infirmity was in the early 1970’s, when she had a hysterectomy and was hospitalized for a while. We went to a friend’s house for lunch and after school,until Dad picked us up after work. I find myself in a better frame of mind if I can get a few things done during the day. A batch of Christmas cookies made, some boxes packed, that sort of thing. It’s stuff that can be done without much bending over. Other things, like cleaning the bathrooms or dusting or sweeping and mopping…those have to slide or get passed off to one of the boys,who’s standards are not the same as mine. But that’s ok. No one has ever fallen over dead from dust bunnies.

I think of people I know who have it so much worse. One of my blogging buddies has cystic fibrosis, and just had a double lung transplant, yet even with hauling around oxygen tanks and all the stuff that goes with the disease, she homeschools her kid and raises goats. I’ve never had to haul oxygen tanks or had an organ transplant. She’s definitely a “suck it up and do the job” type. I know people with chronic insomnia, who rarely are able to stitch more than 2 hours together for sleep. I was able to get 5-1/2 last night. I have people here who are completely available to help out. For that, I am grateful. There are doctors available, insurance to help pay, and seatwarmers in my car to make the ride easier. I am VERY thankful this is happening now, and not 20 years ago when I had very small children. I have so very much to be thankful for, in spite of the knife in my lower back,and I am.


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4 Responses to Up since the middle of the night

  1. Nichole says:

    Very briefly: I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Have the T-shirt says:

    😦 Well I hope the doc can help. It’s nice that your boys can pitch in and help you though.

    I have one dog who is extremely sympathetic and one who wouldn’t care if I were dying. Funny how different their personalities can be πŸ™‚

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I’m really sorry to read all of this, Rootie. Back pain is lousy. I hope this passes quickly. Love that Rusty licked your ear. Affection is great from anybody.

  4. fogspinner says:

    Oh rootie, let me tell you, that double lung transplant doesn’t hold a candle to chronic back pain. Add that to the fact they (drs) have told me I can’t take the OTC that work… I totally sympathize with you! Today I made a choice… sleep with less pain or functional kidneys. I’m sure they’ll tell me if my kidneys start to fail… I have twice a week blood tests. πŸ™‚

    Here’s hoping you get some rest!!!

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