And a visit to the orthopedist later…

He didn’t see anything wrong,except the obvious pain issue, SO…physical therapy was prescribed. YAY! it’s what I was hoping for! That and Aleve on a regular basis. There’s only one place in town that takes our insurance, so…well…the therapy won’t start until tuesday and that kind of sucks. That’s a long time to wait when everything between your boobs and your knees hurts enough to make a Good Southern Presbyterian cuss like a longshoreman.

Back pain is a nebulous thing. It’s like…y’know…BACK PAIN. It’s not like a knee thing, where they can look at a picture of your knee and go “oh yeah, your kneecap is out of whack” or you hip and say “oy, you’ve got no cartilege”. It’s more like…ok, we know what ISN’T wrong so maybe this is what it is,but we don’t know for sure. It could be as simple as a rotten pair of shoes or the wrong posture. Here, we’ll send you to Lars the Physical Terrorist who will shame you mercilessly for your couch potato ways.

So anyway, my back still hurts but somehow knowing it will soon be pummeled into submission is enough to make me feel better. A little.

and now i am going to take a nap, because 2am was 12 ago, and there’s still a solid 6 hours before bedtime.


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3 Responses to And a visit to the orthopedist later…

  1. attilathemom says:

    Oh gah! Hope the therapy is helpful.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Thanks, it will be. Last time it was fantastic.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I had to have physical therapy one time and it really helped. I’m hoping the same for you.

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