one more Day

I can do this One More Day. An appointment was made to see the orthopedist tomorrow at noon, for this back problem. I remember having a talk with him last year about the back problem, and he said “come back for a full evaluation and we’ll see what’s going on.” I never did. Why go see a doctor when there’s nothing going on, right? Right!

Friends have said “see a chiropractor!” but honestly, chiropractors scare me. Oh I know, they have training,but they aren’t…y’know…MEDICAL DOCTORS. With degrees from places like Mercer or something. I like my orthopedist (plus our insurance covers him and won’t pay for chiropractors) because he’s all about doing what needs doing without fiddling around. Fiddling around irritates me.

This back thing happened with the sort of ferocity I am dealing with right now once before,about 10 years ago. Frantic visits to the orthopedist, and subsequent twice-a-week trips to a physical therapist, a miracle worker named Jill who twisted and pummelled me, then put me on a high tech medieval torture device that felt Incredible, then packed my back in warm blankets for 30 minutes afterward. I wanted to marry her except I was already married. I know that Dr. S (the orthopedist) has a physical therapy gym room type thing in his office, so I am kind of eagerly anticipating visits, and relief.

But, y’know, it’s all what you compare it to. yes, my back hurts and I have been a bit grumpy. But, I have been through much, much worse and lived to tell about it. Physical pain is bad,yes, and I don’t wish it on people. However, psychological pain is much, much worse. You can’t point to a spot and say ‘this hurts’. sometimes you can’t even put into words what’s bothering you. People say things like “cheer up! Think happy thoughts!” and that’s about as effective as slapping a Hello Kitty band-aid on a bullet wound.

So, I am dealing with the back pain and smiling through it, because I can point to a spot and say “here”.

Plus, I got an awesome new chair out of itthe cats got an awesome hew chair out of it!


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One Response to one more Day

  1. Jo says:

    Good luck with your specialist! I do hope he can help.

    Haha, my cats do the same thing on our big armchair. That does look like a very nice chair. At least it’s leather, so they can’t scratch the heck out of it!

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