Alternative plans

Ok, see,Christmas Eve is my father’s birthday, and this is my parent’s year to be here. We generally try to alternate Thanksgiving/Christmas with my parents and Terry’s and his were here for Thanksgiving. So, Mom and Dad will be here for Christmas. Due to Terry’s work, (he has to go in and check on the plant Every Single Day. Yes. Every Single Day.) we cannot go anywhere else, so people come here, which is fine.

So, Initially I was planning on going All Out with the decorations. I have 2 decorating modes: All Out, and that involves garlands allover the place, winding up the stairs with big velvety poinsettias and gold beads and little white lights and things allover the place; and As Little As I Can Get By With, that is, a tree decorated by the boys in the corner of the office, and my collection of Santa mugs on the shelf of the sideboard in the dining room.

This is an As Little As I Can Get By With year. I wanted All Out, but then my back started acting up, that tooky Sacro Iliac joint that has bothered me off and on for about 10 years is most definitely ON, with “Teeth Hair and Eyes” (as Dad describes anything of monstrous personality). Friday, when I intended to begin decorating, it started bothering me. By Saturday it hurt so bad I relented on my “no pain med” policy and took some prescription strength stuff, that barely worked, and Terry (because he’s Like That) took me out and we found a Very Comfortable Recliner (La Z Boy,dark brown leather, lumbar support) that has helped a little more than the pain stuff. A heating pad, a miraculous heated massage thing, all wonderful gifts from Terry that have worked wonders, but haven’t solved the underlying issue.

And haven’t decorated the house. Oh, I know I could let the boys do it, but seriously…would you trust 4 young men to drape the garlands right? To get the poinsettias and little gold berries and beads and tricolored holly arranged properly? Not my kids…I know they would intend well, but they’d get bored with it after 5 minutes and there’s be stems and…it just wouldn’t…be….RIGHT.

So, I’m going to locate the one last thing, that ceramic Christmas tree with the colored lights, you know the one, everyone’s Aunt MaryJane made one in the 1970’s. When we first got this one, that Terry’s Aunt Mary Jane made in the 1970’s,I was kind of…well…not very gracious about it. “Ewww…Tacky!” I thought (and probably even said,as my brain to mouth filter wasn’t fully developed yet…and might not be still) but the thing has grown on me. I like it now, and have the perfect place in the living room to put it. It also makes a nice night-light, with it’s soft glowing colors. Once that is up, decorating is done. I have to save my energy and pain-reduced times for cookie baking!

Anyway, alternative plans also include Dad’s Birthday Dinner. Even when we go to their place for Christmas, I cook Dad an amazing meal for his birthday. I was thinking along the lines of a perfect beef roast, Yorkshire puddings (he loves those) and a silky gravy, garlic mashed potatoes (from scratch) or perhaps roasted baby red potatoes, braised brussels sprouts with a balsamic vinegar dressing, and some sort of fancy greens salad. Then a pie for dessert. He loves pie.

HOWEVER…if my back isn’t better, that sort of meal is out of the question, and The Boys will have to do the cooking. A baked ham, baked sweet potatoes, and collard greens (purchased already washed and chopped and in a bag) and cornbread.

However, I am going to try to get in to the orthopedist this week, and see about getting this mess dealt with, tut suite.


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