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The papers have been signed.

It’s all over but the final stuff and a date being set. No. I am not getting a divorce! CJ, my 20 year old, the one that gave us such Fun Times as dropping out of high school (to his … Continue reading

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Seriously, for once in my sordid history I am NOT being sarcastic. Ok, see, here’s the situation: There are 5 boys in this end of town (ok there’s probably more than 5, but I KNOW 5 of them), all 5 … Continue reading

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I love to laugh, a loud, out of control,tears streaming down my face howling laughter. They say it’s good for you. I can get behind that because I always feel better afterward. Unfortunately my sense of humor runs toward the … Continue reading

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I have a LOT to be grateful for. There’s the obvious stuff: family, a home, etc. Sure and I am grateful for all that, but isn’t that kind of predictable? I mean, here I am typing on a computer, it … Continue reading

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The long long day

I’m kinda feeling a bit (something) for #4. He decided he wanted to play basketball, so I signed him up. He’s never played basketball before, so he practiced with the team and participates in the scrimmage games on Saturday mornings, … Continue reading

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