It’s all over but the leftovers, let the games commence

Thanksgiving WORKED! Yay! Terry’s parents were here, and his mother showed me her method (I supposed you could call it a recipe, but nothing was actually measured) for making her chicken dressing, which I have long believed to be THE BEST FOOD EVER and if I were required to choose one thing that was the only thing I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be that. I will sometime in the next day or two post the method up on Rootie’s Kitchen, even though I didn’t take any pictures because I think she would have thought it was weird tho she might have been flattered by it as well…it’s hard to know.
Anyway, the only thing that would have been remotely considered a hitch was CJ’s goofup in buying collard greens instead of turnip greens which is like…so slight of an issue as to not really even register. I’m not a Fine Gourmet Chef who requires Every Dish To Be Precisely whatever whatever that they all go together just so but the fact is, THEY DID. It was a Fine Southern Meal.
Deep fried turkey courtesy Uncle Shugs Chicken Barn. I doubt I’ll ever fool with a turkey as long as they’re doing them.
Baked ham from Ellis’s Fine Meats.
Judy’s Chicken Dressing Finest Food Ever
Not Turnip Greens
Field peas
Corn Pudding (universally proclaimed delicious, no recipe at all, just dump stuff in a bowl and bake it)
Green Bean casserole…you know, the stuff with the cream of mushroom soup and onions from a can
Cranberry sauce (1 bag of cranberries,1 cup OJ, zest of 1 orange, 1 cup sugar. Cook until the cranberries pop, chill until thick. That’s it.)
Judy’s pecan pies (2 of them, one we had to eat Wednesday night because it was a new recipe and she was worried it wasn’t any good. It was.), Bill’s sweet potato pies (he was confident they were good) and Judy’s German Chocolate cake(also good)
Way too much of everything,Lots of leftovers and I am not cooking NOTHIN’ today. NOTHIN’ AT ALL.

Everyone got along well, and there’s still a couple more days to go in the holiday week, then we start grinding through Christmas. Cookies, decorations, shopping….

Oh Christmas Shopping. Since 2001,when I discovered The Internet, Ebay and Paypal, I haven’t been in a mall since except to try on shoes. Christmas shopping is done in a bathrobe and warm slippers, with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr providing mood music, a cup or 3 or fortifying coffee,and constant wonder at the ability to travel all over the world on my couch, purchasing exotics and rubber iguanas and 3 pound cans of roasted macadamias…stuff I’d never find at the Statesboro sMall. Online vendors are so eager for the moneys right now that many offer free shipping. Why pay $40 for gas and lunch for the privilege of getting elbowed in the chin by people who thing that because you have your hands on something they must have it too and will fight you for it? ain’t happening here.


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