A Well Rounded individual

So,I went to the doctor Wednesday,my nephrologist The Good Dr. Courage. I knew I’d put a bit of weight back on but seeing the concrete evidence on his fancypants electronic scale was…a little disheartening. Yes, I know my fondness for deep fried everything is naughty. I also know we’re coming up on Christmas Season and I do Much Baking With Butter and things need to be tasted before I send them off in packages to friends and relatives.

201.4 pounds,people. I passed that Magical Number of 200. Somehow, I felt that as long as I remained below that I was somehow…y’know…NOT 200 pounds. Not only that, my cholesterol was HIGH…”alarmingly high” was how he put it. I took consolation tho, because he said it was the genetics that made it high, not the diet (fried potatoes notwithstanding, because as much as I love the fried foods,I do not eat them every day or even every week). “Lipitor” he said. “No” said the insurance company.” “What the heck?” I said to the insurance company.

I mean, wouldn’t it be cheaper to shell out $100 to the pharmaceutical companies than pay the $100,000 for open heart surgery bypass or whatever? I don’t understand how insurance companies think.

So anyway, I Need A Plan. Last time I lost a fair amount of weight, it was right after The Good Dr. Courage told me my kidneys were fried and I had to eliminate sodium and potassium from the diet, and that translated into “you can only eat white rice and cabbage” which totally made me lose 20 pounds. That felt good, those 20 pounds,because I went from a size that was unacceptable to one that was almost small enough to buy clothes from the JPeterman catalog. In fact, I had a dress picked out as a reward for reaching a Goal Size. Which I didn’t reach and now it’s even further away thanks to the lifting of the potassium ban. You see,potatoes are very high in potassium. I love potatoes. Especially fried ones.

Dieting in Winter is difficult. The cold weather makes a body want chowders (cream and potatoes) and stews (meat and potatoes) and creamy casseroles and all sorts of stuff that is filling and warm. I have tried the Low Fat! Healthy! versions of recipes, using skim milk instead of cream (what?) and olive oil(A GOOD FAT) instead of butter (BAD) and they are…well…nasty unsatisfactory. Thanks for trying Elie Kreiger, but no. Paula Deen cooking is more my style (even if real Southerners DON’T say y’all every third word)

So what’s a woman to do? Carrots? Apples? Please don’t tell me how wonderful a plain baked spaghetti squash with fat free meatless tomato sauce is…or tell me your sister’s recipe for crustless nonfat no sugar cheesecake. I’d rather go hungry.

And I’d rather whine. I will, soon enough,come up with a plan. It may involve a gym,it might even involve a dietician at the doctor’s office. The fact is, I KNOW THE STUFF…I just don’t LIKE the stuff.

There’s that thing people say. “Lose weight and you’ll live longer” to which I reply “yes, but why would you want to?”


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6 Responses to A Well Rounded individual

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    My best advice? Don’t diet. Get to the gym. 3x’s a week do 1/2 hr of weight machines and treadmill/bike another 1/2 hour. 3 HOURS a week and you really won’t have to watch your diet SO closely. Yes, you’ll still need to be ‘reasonable’, but if you build up muscle mass with weight training…you will be burning more calories sitting still. it’s as close to magic as you’ll get.

    An additional 1/2 of cardio another 3 days would be even better.

    I speak from experience….I cannot maintain my weight if I don’t lift weights.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I grew up eating the same way you enjoy eating. Loved it and STILL love it. Will never ever stop LOVING it, BUT I’m trying, in this eleventh hour, to do the best I can. I’ve come to love salmon and veggies, etc. But I’ll never stop wanting fried chicken or lobster dipped in butter or fried oysters or fried soft crabs, or fried anything, or anything seasoned with a ham hock or bacon drippings. I have to stop now.

  3. Kathryn Lookofsky says:

    I SO feel your pain! I’ve been dieting and exercising regularly for two years. I’ve got about a 10lb window that I can’t seem to get on the other side of, and I fluctuate regularly between 223 and 230 (I’m 5’8″) I don’t feel like my diet is really unhealthy (although there is the occasional splurge). I just completed a half marathon for Pete’s sake! Ugh. It would also help if being fat bothered me more. I’m a size 16/18 and think I look GOOD! lol Ideally, I’d like to weigh 180 and be a size 14 or under. I’m also wishing for World Peace. 😉

    • rootietoot says:

      See, Kat, I cannot see how anyone who can run a half marathon (and I have seen what you eat…no one can accuse you of not eating right!) could be called unhealthy or overweight. I am a size 16-18 too, and would love to see 150 pounds and a size 14. I’m 5’5″. I think you look GOOD too! You are the definition of Rubenesque.

  4. kaylen says:

    I hate doctors. And cholesterol. And the scale most of all.
    I’m on a cholesterol-lowering drug…and have gained 20 lbs in six months, even though I exercise more now than I did the first half of the year (I had a little heart incident this summer). My doctor is insisting that it’s not the meds, but I don’t see how that’s possible when I was more sedentary than I am now and did not gain weight just earlier this year. Grrr. Medical stuff is so frustrating!
    Good luck!

  5. Stone Fox says:

    what i have *finally* learned is that in order to lose weight, one must actually account for and keep track of food intake and exercise. you can go pretty low tech and just keep a written food journal and then take it to a dietician to get suggestions of where to improve your diet. or, you can go slightly higher tech and go on sparkpeople.com or one of the other online diet trackers. i use sparkpeople because it’s free. it also allows you to choose what you want to track (cardio, weights, steps per day, mileage per day) and you can either chose to use their meal plans, which allow you to pick what kind of diet (ie. low sodium) or just enter your own food. it gives you a daily calorie range. it will also figure out, based on your BMI, what your goal weight should be, and how long it should take. for me to lose 33 lbs, my timeline is about 8 months. totally doable. there’s also a sparkrecipes website to go along with it that has some pretty yummy recipes (Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken, anyone? made with *real* butter.)

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