Seriously, for once in my sordid history I am NOT being sarcastic. Ok, see, here’s the situation:

There are 5 boys in this end of town (ok there’s probably more than 5, but I KNOW 5 of them), all 5 play basketball (including my #4). Basketball practice is 3-5 alternating weeks, and 5-7 alternating weeks. 3 of the 5 boys are also in Boy Scouts from 7-8 one day a week. The mothers wanted to arrange a carpool. Only one mother couldn’t do it one day a week due to a conflict. Another mother (me) could only do it on the late practice weeks due to car issues (my car will only carry 3 other people, except on late weeks when I could have Terry’s truck which would carry 4 but not 5, but I still wanted to participate but had decided perhaps it would be best if I didn’t.

THEN…Mary, who has a PhD in some kind of applied mathematics, saw this as a Problem To Be Solved. She’s one of the mothers and also has another child (a girl) who’s involved in Stuff as well.

So she worked up this THING…this chart…with her mysterious ways and all that…I would have thrown up my hands and said NEVER MIND…but she did it. I am driving 3 boys, the ones nearest me, someone else is driving the other 2, who live near each other…and on the nights of late basketball when there’s only 5 minutes between practice and Boy Scouts, one of us will get the boys and put them in the Transporter and beam them to Scouts, showering them and getting them in their uniforms (ain’t technology wonderful!)as well, and Mary’s husband will be in the mix somehow.

She showed me this complicated chart at church yesterday, and I gazed upon it in wonder and awe. I heaped praises on her head for this miraculous solution and she said “it means I don’t have to drive as much and will be able to take care of my daughter’s practices as well. So I am really happy to have you in with this too.”

and I thought *I* was organized.

Then I told her I was going to bake her a loaf of bread. Because *that* is something I *can* do.

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5 Responses to Genius.

  1. attilathemom says:

    I’m always amazed at people who can do stuff like that. I sit down with a chart and my eyes cross. LOL

  2. Bro. Scott says:

    Post the chart!

  3. Bella Rum says:

    LOL Those days are over for me!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    To each his talent. Some days I go in search of mine.
    When I find it can I have fresh bread too?

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