I love to laugh, a loud, out of control,tears streaming down my face howling laughter. They say it’s good for you. I can get behind that because I always feel better afterward.

Unfortunately my sense of humor runs toward the 14 year old male variety. Crop Dusting never fails to make me fall over, whether it’s my own or someone else’s. (crop dusting is when someone is passing gas,but they’re walking so it comes out in bursts…poot…poot…poot). That, to me, is far funnier than one long blast (tho that has it’s merits as well, especially if it’s one of the dogs. I’m chuckling now just thinking about it)

Strange physical abilities are also hilarious, especially when I can’t do them. Will has this thing he does with his feet, that for some reason absolutely send me to the floor. It’s particularly funny when he’s just sitting there, feet up on the coffee table (yes we do that, it’s a very casual household) and he DOES IT.

People with big feet have great understanding.

Yes, I appreciate dark humor, satire, witty stuff. I’m not a complete adolescent. But seriously, the accidental and harmless things, quirks of humanity and just plain unthinking situations…those hit me the hardest and really make me laugh, because they’re so unintentional.


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2 Responses to Laughter

  1. attilathemom says:

    We have the same sense of humor. A well-timed fart makes me hysterical. I’m such a juvenile.

  2. So glad you always have your funny hat on. I love your glass, it’s always half full 🙂

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