I have a LOT to be grateful for. There’s the obvious stuff: family, a home, etc. Sure and I am grateful for all that, but isn’t that kind of predictable? I mean, here I am typing on a computer, it kind of goes with the territory that if I have a computer I probably have all that other stuff too, right? So let’s look at the other stuff.

Here’s a list. I am not going to start each item on the list with “I am grateful/thankful for (this) because duh…that is what the list is about. So I’m just going to assume you’re smart enough to recognize that, and list each item.

1.grown children who are becoming sensible and rational. I am not sure they’re there yet, but it seems that they are approaching it.
2. the miraculous combination of butter, sugar and flour. You can add other things like chocolate chips, oatmeal and nuts to fancy it up, but that base combination is the foundation of gustatory bliss.
3. fake fur, the faker the better. it makes me smile when I see someone strutting down the road wearing hot pink curly Mongolian fur. I don’t know why, but it does.
4.ok this is going to sound a little strange, and selfish and probably ALL WRONG, but I have gotten a great deal of heavy labor done by my adult children who are in need of cigarette money. You would (or maybe not) be amazed at the work you can get out of a person when they’re out of money and out of tobacco.
5.speaking of work, those men who do the hard outside work. Really. And not in the “oh yeah I bet you’re just objectifying them or something” kind of way. Those are the guys that cut down pine trees from my yard, or dig up the septic tank and clean it out. I really am thankful for them because otherwise I’d have too many ugly pine trees in the yard. And it really is pretty amazing watching someone drop an 80 foot tall pine tree. that fills the ears, calms the nerves, and reassures me that there are creative people out there.
7.people who think of interesting visual humor. Like this:


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One Response to gratitude

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Whenever you put butter, sugar and flower together, it’s going to be a good day and smell good, too.

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