The long long day

I’m kinda feeling a bit (something) for #4. He decided he wanted to play basketball, so I signed him up. He’s never played basketball before, so he practiced with the team and participates in the scrimmage games on Saturday mornings, but doesn’t dress out for the real games (which totally suits me). It makes for very long days tho. Practices on alternate weeks run from 5 to 6:45pm, and then on the other weeks run 3:30 to 5. The girls team alternates as well, opposite the boys team. The benefits are obvious. The school runs a study hall between 3 and 5, so the kids don’t have to go home, and have time to do their homework. They are, in fact, required to do it.

But, it makes for a long, long day. He gets to school at 8. Weeks like this one, where he has the late practice, mean he gets home at 7. However, he loves it. He loves being part of a team and having something to do with kids his age. We live in a neighborhood of old people and young families, and there simply aren’t any kids his age to mess around with, and even if there were, they’d all be in sports.

My 20 year old played baseball through the 6th grade. The other 2 never played sports (other than t-ball as preschoolers), so I’ve never much done the SportsMom thing. I am kind of looking forward to it. #4, with his height (he’s 12 and already about 5’7″) could do well, if he can get coordinated. The doctor figures he’ll top out at about 6’6-7″. He’s also left handed,which apparently is advantageous in basketball, because right-handers have trouble blocking a lefty, so I’m told.

I am happy for all this, because he can be passive. It doesn’t take much for him to drop into Couch Potato Mode, and this will get him up and moving around. Maybe I should take up basketball?

But, on the other hand, he won’t be around much, and I’ll miss him a little bit. But on the other other hand, he’s growing up and spending time with teammates and a coach who won’t cut him any slack *and* who sees team sports as a character building exercise more than as a reason to WIN at all costs…that’s a very good thing.


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5 Responses to The long long day

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I think this sounds like a great thing for him. My youngest began playing soccer in first grade and it is something that he did always; it was a huge part of his life. So much so, that he coached our rec league the year after he graduated from High School. I would worry about the long day only in the sense of food…..does he take something to eat between classes ending and practice beginning?

  2. Sports are a Very Good Thing for (most) kids. I think. You are going to have a blast watching from the stands when he starts dressing out for games.

  3. JerseyChick says:

    This is a very good thing. Kids that learn to handle tight schedules in middle school do GREAT in high school. What a wonderful young man he’s becoming!

  4. It does sound like long days but #4 really seems to be enjoying himself and the team aspect/interaction is terrific. Hopefully you’ll get some “quality time” driving him to/from practice.

    Hope all’s well in your world. xo jj

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